Geography/American Indian Studies 322/522
Native Geographies Class Field Trip - April 28, 2011

Meeting Ho-Chunk President Wilfrid Cleveland was one of many highlights during the class field trip.

The Ho-Chunk Nation hosted the Native Geographies class on a cool and snowy day in late-April. Before arriving in Black River Falls, however, the class stopped at Osseo-Fairchild High School to discuss the meaning and future of the school's race-based Chieftain team name and logo with local residents Harvey Gunderson and Patricia Morroquin-Norby. Harvey and Patricia's knowledge and insight about the uses and meanings of the Chieftain name provided valuable first-hand context for the students after spending a significant amount of time reading and discussing the use of Indigenous-based team names during the semester.

Geography/American Indian Studies 322/522 students with Harvey Gunderson and Patricia Marroquin-Norby at Osseo-Fairchild High School.

After filling up at the Ho-Chunk Gaming buffet, the class visited the Andrew Blackhawk Memorial Powwow Grounds learned about the importance and meaning of placed-based commemoration from Bill Goodbear, Robert Mann, and Mike Rave. The class then visited the tribal administration building, where they heard from Geographic Information System Coordinator Gordon Robertson, Cultural Preservation Officer Josephine Lee, Elder Gordon Thunder, General Council Administrator Michelle deCora, and President Wilfrid Cleveland.

A sincere thanks goes out to Pine Giroux, Wilfrid Cleveland, Bill Goodbear, Gordon Thunder, Josephine Lee, Gordon Robertson, Michelle deCora, Robert Mann, Mike Rave, and Harvey Gunderson, and Patricia Marroquin-Norby for sharing their knowledge with us!

The Andrew Blackhawk Memorial Powwow Grounds.

Tribal GIS Coordinator Gordon Robertson discusses how the Ho-Chunk Nation utilizes geospatial technologies to manage their land, natural resources, and cultural resources.