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About Me

I am a human-environment geographer with expertise in geospatial modeling. I study human activities with special reference to their effects on the environment. My interests in human activities and geospatial modeling have conditioned my teaching and research. I teach courses in human-enviromental geography (Conservation of the environment, Geography field research) and geotechniques (GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR). To inform my research and teaching, i develop spatially explicit models that aid in explaining human behavior and activities, and the implications of these activities on environmental resources. Specifically, I explore anthropogenic causes of land cover and land use changes and gauge their effects on water supply and quality. Furthermore, I develop spatially explicit predictive models that help elucidate how current human activities will affect future land use and land cover configurations, and the associated implications for water resources and other ecosystem services. Another component of my research examines the interface between climate change, water resources, health, and food security in sub-Saharan Africa. I am also involved in research projects in Wisconsin, Illinois, Oklahoma, Sierra Leone and Turkey.

From left to right: DesPlaines River watershed, Chicago MSA- 2010 classified land use image & future projected images; Total suspended solids concentration predicted for DesPlaines River watershed summer 2010 and future time-steps; Total suspended solids concentration predicted for DesPlaines River watershed winter/spring 2010 and future time-steps; Classified land use image for Tulsa MSA 2011



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