Using the Math Lab
Spring 2021

Updated 2/24/2021

NOTE:The situation is dynamic this spring and procedures may change. Please bookmark this page and check for changes every time you use the Math Lab.

If the date above is more than two weeks ago, refresh the page. Changes will be red.

The Math Lab will open Sunday, February 7th.


Using the Math Lab in Person
The Math Lab will have tutors available in person during the following times:
10AM-2PM Monday-Friday

Note: if the number of COVID-19 cases in the area surges, tutors may need to work online instead of in person. Be sure to check online before attempting to use the Math Lab in person as you may find no one is in person. Tutors will continue to work their regular shifts, but online rather than in person.

  • Due to the requirements for contact tracing and social distancing, there are strict limits on the number of people that can be in the Math Lab at a time.
  • You will need to request a drop-in to see a tutor in person.
  • You request a drop-in by:
    • Click on the link to the Virtual Math Lab on the right
    • In the chat, ask the tutors if there is room for you to come in in person.
    • Only tutors who are in the physical Math Lab may approve you to come in. They will only be there during the times listed above in this column.
    • Give the tutor an estimate of when you will likely arrive.
  • Before you enter the Student Success Center, grab a sanitizing wipe.
  • Arrive outside the Student Success Center shortly before your appointment time. When you are directed to enter the Math Lab, be sure to sign in before taking a seat. You must sign in for contract tracing purposes!
  • Be sure to sanitize your area as you would in the classroom. Each table has a whiteboard for you to display your work to the tutors as you ask questions.
  • Remember, as in the classrooms, the tutor cannot leave the tutor area to work with you at your table. You also should not come within 6ft of the tutor.

Note: The tutors in the Math Lab will also be helping people in the Virtual Math Lab.
If a tutor should need to quarantine or isolate, they will tutor online unless they become too ill to do so. This means there may be fewer (or no) tutors in the in person Math Lab than are on the schedule (which is why you should always check online before coming in person). Tutoring will continue as usual in the virtual Math Lab.

The Math Lab is located in CEN 2208.
Enter, turn left, turn right, proceed straight to end
Using the Virtual Math Lab
The Virtual Math Lab will have tutors available during the following times:

4PM-6PM Sunday

8AM-6PM Monday

8AM-6PM Tuesday

8AM-6PM Wednesday

8AM-6PM Thursday

8AM-2PM Friday.

The Math Lab is using Collaborate Ultra. On desktops and laptops, Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

On tablets and phones, you may need to use a different browser.

Click on the link

You will be asked to “Type your name to join the session as a guest:”

Please type your name followed by your course and section number like this:

Your Name 112 003

In this case, Your Name is in “Precalculus Mathematics” Math 112 Section 003. (Of course, you will replace "Your Name" with your preferred name.)

This will help the tutors know what kinds of help will be appropriate for the questions you might have and which breakout group to put  you in.


Then click on the “Join Session” button to enter the Math Lab Lobby.

In the lower right corner, you will see a purple button with arrows in it: A picture containing drawingDescription automatically generated

Click this button. It will open a sidebar with five buttons along the bottom:

A picture containing drawingDescription automatically generated

In this image, the chat sidebar is open. When you first enter the Math Lab, please type a message in the chat. (This will help the tutors know how long people have been waiting.)

The next button A picture containing drawingDescription automatically generated shows attendees.

Anyone listed as a Moderator is either a tutor, the Math Lab Director, or other Math Department faculty or staff.

Anyone else is also seeking help. There should always be a tutor in the lobby, but you may be directed to a Breakout Room if there are several people from the same course seeking help.

When a tutor is ready to help you, be prepared to share your screen, a photo of your work, or turn on your camera to share. These are all accessible through the middle button (the box with the arrow coming out of it) of the sidebar.


Be aware that online tutoring is as new to us as it is to you. Your patience is appreciated.
Additional Tips for using the Math Lab:

  1. The Math Lab provides assistance to students who have questions on details of their homework or who need clarification of concepts that they are learning in their Mathematics courses. Every tutor can provide assistance for Math 010, 020, 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 114. Some of the tutors can also offer assistance for Math 104, 215, and 246. Inquire in the Math Lab for times when help is available for these last three courses. Following are tips for using the Math Lab. They will help you get the most benefit out of the service and, if you provide us with feedback, will allow us to improve our services.

Unlike past semesters, you will not be able to work your homework in the Math Lab. Because of COVID related occupancy limitations, we ask you only come in when you need help.

Find Time/Tutor that Fits You The Math Lab can be very busy during some hours. If this bothers you, find a time to come that is less busy. You can just check online at different times or ask a tutor if they know of hours that are less busy. Also, tutors have different styles of tutoring. Find a tutor whose style matches the way you learn.

Tutor Schedules as of February 7, 2021

In Person Tutor Schedule

Online Tutor Schedule