Using the Math Lab
Fall 2022

Updated 11/18/2022

NOTE: Bookmark this page for future reference. If the Math Lab seems not to be open as scheduled, check here for updates - especially if the COVID situation has changed.

Math Lab Fall 2022:

Thanksgiving Week Hours:

The Math Lab will close Tuesday, November 22 at 3PM. There will be no online hours Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Normal hours will resume with online hours Sunday, November 27 at 4PM.

Using the Math Lab in Person
The Math Lab will have tutors available in person during the following times:
Monday - Thursday 8AM-4PM
Friday 8AM-3PM

The Math Lab is located in CEN 2208.
Enter, turn left, turn right,
                proceed straight to end

Be sure to sign in (and out) every time you are in the Math Lab.
Using the Virtual Math Lab
The Virtual Math Lab will have tutors available during the following times:

4PM-6PM Sunday-Thursday

If you have not already done so, activate your UWEC educational zoom account:
Please only use your UWEC account when using the Math Lab online.

Click on the Zoom invitation:
Math Lab Online

This should take you to a waiting room. A tutor will be notified that you are there and will invite you into the online tutoring environment.

Be aware that online tutoring through ZOOM is as new to us as it is to you. Your patience is appreciated.
Additional Tips for using the Math Lab:

  1. The Math Lab provides assistance to students who have questions on details of their homework or who need clarification of concepts that they are learning in their Mathematics courses. Every tutor can provide assistance for Math 108, 109, 111, 112, 113, 114. Some of the tutors can also offer assistance for Math 104, 215, and 246. Inquire in the Math Lab for times when help is available for these last three courses. Following are tips for using the Math Lab. They will help you get the most benefit out of the service and, if you provide us with feedback, will allow us to improve our services.

  2. Students in Math 10 and 20 should go to Hibbard 218 (the Mathematics Tutoring Hub)

Find Time/Tutor that Fits You The Math Lab can be very busy during some hours. If this bothers you, find a time to come that is less busy. You can just check at different times or ask a tutor if they know of hours that are less busy. Also, tutors have different styles of tutoring. Find a tutor whose style matches the way you learn.

Tutor Schedule (updated Sept 11, 2022)