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Fall Semester 2006



Lecture meets in P281,

     W, 12:00-2:00 PM
*Laboratory meets in P266b,

     W, 2:00-5:50 PM
(*see note on laboratory time commitments below)

Dr. Garry Leonard Running IV
Office:  P253
Office Phone:  836-2731
Home Phone:  836-9501
Email:  runningl@uwec.edu
Office Hours:  MTWF 10-11, R 2-3,
or by appointment



Soils:  Genesis and Geomorphology

2005.  Randy Schaetzl and Sharon Andersen.   

Cambridge University Press:  New York.


Soil Genesis and Classification, 5th ed.

2003.  Buol, Southard, Graham, and McDaniel 


Soil Survey Manual

1993.  Soil Survey Division Staff












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Course Objectives:  To provide students with hands-on field experience with soil profile description and to familiarize them with the fundamentals of soil forming processes, morphology, classification, mapping, and the connections between soils and other aspects of the physical environment.

Course Prerequisites: 
Soils are unique in the physical environment.  They are the result of bio-geo-chemical processes.  Soil morphology, chemistry, and spatial distributions reflect and integrate all aspects of physiography and human land-use (geology, slope, climate, vegetation, fauna, time, land-use and agricultural practices).  A strong background in the physical sciences is helpful, especially some basic chemistry or geochemistry but it is not required.  A strong background in the earth sciences, especially physical geography, geomorphology, and earth surface processes is helpful but it is not required.  A good background in map reading, GIS, and aerial photographic interpretation is helpful but it is not required.  Those of you with strong backgrounds in the ecological sciences and resource management will also be well-prepared to begin.  All that you really need to succeed in this course is:  the ability to work effectively with others, some time management skills, some computer literacy (email, web publishing, word processing, and maybe some graphics capabilities), and an open and inquisitive mind.  This course is primarily a field-oriented course in Pedology.  Pedology is that branch of soil science that concentrates on soil genesis and field relationships.  The lecture and laboratory components are integrated.  Attendance is critical.  Grades are based on the criteria shown in the table below. 

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