A-Z List


Problem Areas for clients

[P A] The American Psychological Association categorized symptoms of Schizophrenia into eight areas of disturbances:

  1. Content of thought- delusions
  2. Form of thought- loose associations, flight of thought
  3. Perception- hallucinations
  4. Affect- blunted, flat, or inappropriate
  5. Sense of self- loss of ego boundaries
  6. Volition- lack of interest or drive
  7. Relationship to external world- withdrawal into fantasy
  8. Psychomotor behavior- pacing, rocking, hypo-activity, hyperactivity, or bizarre behaviors
  9. Other possible problems: paranoia and disorganized speech

[M S, G] Music therapy goals for targeting those areas:

  1. Re-establish client with reality
  2. Draw client away from delusions and hallucinations
  3. Open communication with people around client
  4. Identify and express emotions
  5. Reduce stress and anxiety
  6. Control aggressive and destructive impulses
  7. Learn adaptive behavior patterns which allow client to function normally in society

[M S, T] Music therapy activities for treatment of these problems:

  1. Singing or scatting
  2. Lyric analysis
  3. Song writing- individually or in a group setting
  4. Folk dance or structured dance
  5. Improvisational instrumental music
  6. Music and relaxation
  7. Group guitar lessons