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Compliled by Jeremy Strasburg
May 31, 2000

Goals and Methodologies

Problem areas for clients,

Music therapy goals for targeting these problem areas,

& Music Therapy methods used for treatment

Goal/Problem 1

Sometimes when infants are admitted into an intensive care unit, there tends to be the problem of initial weight loss. This can be a very serious problem because these infants are already in an unstable condition.

Methodology/Activity 1

Studies have been done and have revealed that when routine musical stimuli such as lullabies and children’s songs are played within these intensive care units, it reduces this initial weight loss of the infants.

Goal/Problem 2

A problem that is often associated with low birth weight premature babies is that they usually have unstable heart and respiratory rates.

Methodology/Activity 2

Studies have revealed that allowing the infants to listen to relaxing lullabies through specially designed earphones help to stabilize these rates.

Goal/Problem 3

Infants often need help getting to sleep.

Methodology/Activity 3

Besides playing soothing music in the background, someone can simulate a heartbeat on the baby’s back. This is a very relaxing and soothing sensation for the infant.

Goal/Problem 4

Some premature infants or other babies need help with weight gain.

Methodology/Activity 4

Studies have been done that led to evidence that routine musical stimulation through lullabies, children’s songs, and also vocal music have improved these situations.

Goal/Problem 5

Encourage development of speech and sound-making in general with infants.

Methodology/Activity 5

A parent or someone else could sing upbeat songs to the infant and try to get the child to imitate facial expressions.

Goal/Problem 6

Infants might have problems with parents leaving for a short period of time or leaving the child with a babysitter.

Methodology/Activity 6

In this situation music that the infant seems to prefer can be played after the parent leaves, or even better, a recording of the mother or father singing or talking could be played for the infant so they will hear a familiar and trusted voice and be soothed.

Goal/Problem 7

Help relax the infants when they are upset, not feeling well, etc.

Methodology/Activity 7

Use musical toys that they like, or play relaxing music on an instrument or from a recording.