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Cerebal Palsy

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Internet Address: http://www.qldnet.com.au/tvhs/occ-ther.htm

This Web Site also offers many links to other sites and pages with a focus on the different treatment types and where to locate those treatments. At least a couple of the sites have pages on how Music Therapy can be effective in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy.

Internet Address: http://mentalhelp.net/guide/cerebral.htm

This Web Site offers an extensive list of other web sites and pages that are available to assist in the understanding of Cerebral Palsy. It also gives sites that have information on the treatments that are available as well as many support venues for people living with Cerebral Palsy. It would be a helpful resource for music therapists.

Internet Address: http://members.aol.com/kathysl/index.html

This Web Site is entitled MUSIC THERAPY INFO LINK. This site was created as a place to gather information, help open the lines of communication and networking, and educate the public about the field of music therapy. It has good links to research sites, how Music Therapy is used and with what kinds of populations (including people with Cerebral Palsy).