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This website has been created to be a tool for music therapists and directors of anger management programs for use in anger management sessions. The database includes a bibliography, discography and videography, as well as a resource file of session plans and activities that are cross-referenced by clinical applications and types of resources. You may also look at responses received by clients in response to the music therapy session hand-outs.

Content Description

This website presents an outline and overview of an anger management program with jail inmates. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Professor Lee Anna Rasar coordinates this anger management program. Mike Bauer, an In-Home Therapist with Lutheran Social Services, serves as Lee Anna's partner in this project. Client responses are shared in lists anonymously with permission via the IRB approval.

This Website

It was initially created by Amy M. Ray when she was a senior music therapy student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. It was then updated by Thea Morton Vorass, who during her time as a music therapy student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire redesigned and organized the website while completing her internship. Appreciation is also expressed to Thea's husband, Steve Vorass, for hosting this website during its construction process. Work has been continued by Jacquelyn Petroni and Laura Kadlec. Appreciation is expressed to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire for their support of a Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Grant which resulted in the initial creation of this website.

Spiritual content is included for the sessions in which we integrate programming with chaplaincy at the Eau Claire County Jail and Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center.