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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Compiled by Katie Krause - Fall 2007

Internet Address: http://www.wehealhy.org/services/bi_music therapy/prehab.html

This site states that through a collaborative effort with the Center for Cardiac and Pulmonary Health at Beth Israel  Medical Center, music therapy is offered as a complementary approach to achieving treatment goals and wellness in their music for AIT (Advances in Respiration) program.  In their program, music therapy is used to address the physical symptoms of pulmonary disease, including techniques to enhance breathing and cope with symptoms, as well as providing psychosocial support for people coping with chronic illness to enhance quality of life.  The site lists music therapy services offered through the program.

Internet Address: http://www.uihealthcare.com/depts/rehabilitationtherapies/index.html

This is a site for University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics- lists Music Therapy as part of the multidisciplinary team

Internet Address: http://www.chestjournal.org/cgi/content/full/122131948           

A study was done to determine if distractive auditory stimuli (DAS) in the form of music would promote adherence to a walking regimen following completion of a pulmonary rehabilitation program (PRP) and, thereby, maintenance of gains achieved during the program.  The site explains the study and how it was done.

Internet Address: http://family-friendly-fun.com/therapy/music.htm

This site lists music therapy as a therapeutic intervention for children with disabilities.  It states that music therapy techniques are used to improve cardiopulmonary and respiratory functioning.

Internet Address: http://www.patienteducationcenter.org/aspx/HealthELibrary/HealthETopic.aspx?cid=COPD0107&p=7

This is a site for Pri-Med Patient Education Centers that talks about the use of music in breathing retraining for pulmonary rehabilitation.

Internet Address: http://www.news-medical.net/?d=13460

Featured article: “Music helps people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease focus on their breathing.”  The article focuses specifically on the use of the harmonica.

Internet Address:http://www.harmonicamasterclass.com/pulm.htm

This website is part of David Barrett’s Harmonica Master class Lesson Series.  Barrett is apparently the “Leader in Blues Harmonica Education.”  The site describes how harmonica should be used for people with pulmonary disease.  He gives a methodical approach to teaching “students with special needs.”

Internet Address: http://www.hoerl.com/Music/harmon4.html

“Wilbur’s Beginning Harmonica Info- The Harmonica and How It Helps Your Lungs”- “This page provides very basic information for the person with asthma, COPD, (or other lung impairment), who wants to improve their lung capacity.”

Internet Address: http://www.med.umich.edu/opmlnewspage/2005/hmharmonica.htm

A University of Michigan Health Minute update on important health issues.  “When breathing needs a tune-up, harmonica hits all the right notes.”  States that playing the instrument helps participants with chronic pulmonary conditions to breathe better.  Goes into detail about it and features a video demonstration.

Internet Address: http://www.sciencedaily.com/videos/2006/0109-music_for_your_lungs.htm

This site has a science video online about how pulmonologists treat breath shortness with harmonica classes, along with an article about it.