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Use of Harmonicas to Improve Health

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Medical Harmonica with 4 chords:




Regular harmonica:



Description of use of harmonicas for lung improvement:


Lung function: http://www.ahs.uwaterloo.ca/~jschaman/help/lungs.html

Notes on regular harmonica:


Therapeutic Uses of Harmonica are described here:

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Harmonicas for Health

Harmonicas in Music Therapy: Research and Clinical Programming                   

Harmonica Notation and Teaching Considerations

How to Practice to Target Endurance

Comparison of Normal Function of Lungs with Description of How Asthma Effects Pulmonary Status

Clinical Considerations of Pulmonary Status When Considering Applications of Harmonica for Patients with Variety of Diagnoses 


Journal Articles


General Resources





Appreciation is expressed to The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at UW – Eau Claire which supported the series of grants that laid the foundation for our coursework to integrate harmonicas in pulmonary rehab for both in-patients and out-patients. Appreciation is also expressed to students from the IDIS 103 Introduction to Music Therapy course at UW – Eau Claire who helped search the music therapy journals to find and annotate articles. We found over 200 citations referencing the use of harmonicas during a journal search, but in most cases the harmonica was simply mentioned once in a description of methodology used, and specific techniques and uses were not described.