July 17, 2014--July 9, 2015: Shows #470 through #521

July 17, 2014

Paul McCormack–“Crime of Passion”


Paul McCormack–“South Boston Ghetto”

Paul McCormack–“Days in Doolin”

Paul McCormack–“Hunted”

Paul McCormack–“Gringos”

Paul McCormack–“Louisiana Dove”

Paul McCormack–“Send the Rain”

Paul McCormack–“Foley”


Pop Scar–“Love and Colours”

Pop Scar–“Where Do They Go?”

Pop Scar–“Night Classes”

Pop Scar–“Who & What Matters?”

Pop Scar–“Miracle Pill”

Pop Star–“Ambulance Driver”


The Raglans–“Digging Holes”

The Raglans–“(Lady) Roll Back the Years”       

The Raglans–“Fake Blood”

The Raglans–“Before Tonight”

The Raglans–“Natives”

The Raglans–“Down”

The Raglans–“Born in Storms”   


The Gloaming–“Song 44"

The Gloaming–“Allstrum’s March”

The Gloaming–“Necklace of Wrens”
The Gloaming–“Opening Set”


The Gloaming–“Samradh Samradh”

July 24, 2014


The Amazing Snakeheads–“I’m a Vampire”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Nighttime”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Swamp Song”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here It Comes Again”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Flatlining”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Every Guy Wants to Be Her Baby”


Edwyn Collins–“Dilemna”

Edwyn Collins–“Baby Jean”

Edwyn Collins–“It’s a Reason”

Edwyn Collins–“Down the Line”

Edwyn Collins–“Forsooth”

Edwyn Collins–“In the Now”

Edwyn Collins–“Understated”


The Pastels–“Night Time Made Us”

The Pastels–“Check My Heart”

The Pastels–“After Image”

The Pastels–“Kicking Leaves”

The Pastels–“Slow Summits”   


Tom Vek–“How Am I Meant to Know”

Tom Vek–“Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)”

Tom Vek–“Broke”

Tom Vek–“Ton of Bricks”

Tom Vek–“You’ll Stay”


Edwyn Collins–“A Girl Like You”

July 31, 2014


Edwyn Collins–“Forsooth”


Remember Remember–“Le Mayo”

Remember Remember–“Magnets”

Tom Vek–“Broke”

Tom Vek–“The Tongue Avoids the Teeth”

Tom Vek–“Let’s Pray”

Tom Vek–“You’ll Stay”


Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“N4"

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“The Eternal”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“From Safety to Where”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“Autosuggestion”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“Heart and Soul”   

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“N4 Europop”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“24 Hours”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“Passover”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“The Eternal (Version 2)”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“N4 (Version 2)”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here it Comes Again”

Joy Division–“Ceremony”

Joy Division–“A Means to an End”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

August 7, 2014


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here it Comes Again”


The Watchmakers–“Before Questions Came”

Sub Couple–“Sub Stomp”

Boy Genius–“White Rabbit”

Johnny 5th Wheel & the Cowards–“Where Did I Sleep Last Night?”

Turrentine Jones–“Delia May”

Echo Raptors–“Plastic People”

The New Fabian Society–“I No Longer Remain”

The 48ks–“Valentine’s Day”

Zvilnik–“The Weather in Berlin”

Phia–“At the End of the Day”


The Michael Ainsley Band–“Miss Most Mornings”

Yard Wars–“Haunted Stadiums”

St. Gregory Orange–“Vacancies”

Buen Chico–“Love’s Just a Feeling”

Jack Winn–“Feel Anything”       

Shake Your Halo Down–“Home It’s Not Your Heart”

Runaround Kids–“I Can’t Help Myself”

The Do’s–“Hard to See”

Clandestines–“You Fell You Fell You Fell”


Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly–“Snap”

Tuka Featuring Maples–“You and I”

Jun Tzu–“The Bridge”


King Porter Stomp–“The Shuffle”

Reverend and the Makers–“Noisy Neighbour”

The Libertines–“Can’t Stand Me Now”

The Minx–“Cold Outside”

Naymedici–“Paddy McGee”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Flatlining”

August 14, 2014

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Main Title”



Gasp–“The Last of Summertime”

Melissa Czarnick–“Thunder Summer Storm”

The Dears–“Summer of Protest”

Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, and Company–“Bring the Summer Home”

Miles Davis–“Summertime”

The Twilight Sad–“That Summer at Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy”

Iain Archer–“Summer Jets”

The Steals–“Summertime”

Screaming Maldini–“Summer, Somewhere”

Anna Domino–“Summer (Arthur Baker Remix)”

T Rex–“Deep Summer”


Sonic Boom & Spectrum–“Indian Summer”

Beat Happening–“Indian Summer”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin Screichs–“Indian Summer”


Máireach Breatnach–“Summer Haze (Aisling Full)”

The Durutti Column–“Sketch for Summer”

Mogwai–“Summer (Priority Version)”

Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston–“Summer Time”

Three Blind Wolves–“Slow Summer Dear”

Ten Kens–“Summer Camp”

Jimi Hendrix–“Lullaby for the Summer”

Blue Cheer–“Summertime Blues”


Bryan Adams–“Summer of 69"

August 21, 2014


Loki–“THE END”       

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Something to Believe In”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Cargill”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Largs”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Miserable Strangers”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Leaf Piece”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“For One Night Only”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123"

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“One Floor Down”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Crystal 8s”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Pauper’s Dough”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“A Prairie Tale”


Arthur Johnston–“Scots Wha Hae”

Iain Anderson–“The Declaration of Arbroath”

The McCalmans–“The Lion Wallace Saw”

Alastair McDonald–“Stirling Brig”

Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage–“The Lament of Wallace”

Alastair McDonald–“William Wallace”

Alasdair Fraser with Skyedance–“Bannockburn”

Iain Anderson–“The Spider’s Legend of Robert the Bruce”

Ian Bruce–“De Bruce, De Bruce”

George Archibald–“Bruce’s Address to His Captains Before Bannockburn”

Robin Laing–“Bruce at Bannockburn”

Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage–“Field of Bannockburn”

Alex Hodgson–“Sword of Bannockburn”

The Corries–“The Black Douglas”

Alex Hodgson–“Bannockburn’s Over”

The Corries–“The Flower of Scotland”


Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas–“The Referendum”

Dick Gaughan–“Both Sides The Tweed”

The Proclaimers–“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

Led Zeppelin–“Whole Lotta Love”

Jefferson Airplane–“Somebody to Love”
August 28, 2014

The Last Internationale–“Workers of the World–Unite!”


The Last Internationale–“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Indian Blood”

The Last Internationale–“We Will Reign”

The Last Internationale–“Wanted Man”

The Last Internationale–“Killing Fields”

The Last Internationale–“Battlefield”

The Last Internationale–“Baby It’s You”

The Last Internationale–“Devil’s Dust”

The Last Internationale–“I’ll Be Alright”

The Last Internationale–“Fire”

The Last Internationale–“1968"


J-Walk–“Fuzzy Dunlop”

J-Walk–“Thinking Back”


J-Walk–“Electric Dancing Song”

J-Walk–“World Inaction”

J-Walk–“We’re Not Alone”

J-Walk–“Mexicali Hoodoo”

J-Walk–“Swinging Brick”

J-Walk–“Yesterday’s Crowd”

J-Walk–“Honey Trap”


Broken Records–“Ditty (We Weren’t Ready)”

Broken Records–“Winterless Sun”

Broken Records–“Toska”

Broken Records–“Weights & Pulleys”

Broken Records–“You’ll Be Lonely in a Little While”

Broken Records–“Nothing Doubtful”

Broken Records–“I Won’t Leave You in the Dark”


Ian McGregor and Scottish Pipe Band–“Amazing Grace”

September 4, 2014


The Proclaimers–“Cap in Hand”


Caman–“John MacLean’s March”

Mary Ann Kennedy and Scott MacMillan and Colin Grant and Arthur Cormack–“Failte don EIlean Sgiathanach”

Ewan McLennan–“A man’s a man for a that”

Emily Smith–“The Sowers’ Song”

Loki–“State of the Union”

Tommy Orr–“Let the Lion Roar”

Kathlenn MacInnes–“Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor”

Shooglenifty–“Glenfinnan Dawn”

Capercaillie–“At the Heart of it All”


J Duncan Beats–“Letter from America”


Eilidh Cormack and Calum Barker and Brian McAlpine and Jonny Hardie–“Scotland’s Welcome Table”

Stanley Odd-“Chase Yirsel”

The Proclaimers–“Scotland’s Story”

Allan Macdonald–“Saorsa - Freedom for All”

Jackie McGuckian and Matt Seattle–“Theme for the Early Days of a Better Nation”

Dick Gaughan–“Freedom Come All Yee”

Young Fathers–“Deadline”

Young Fathers–“Sister”

Young Fathers–“Rumbling”

Young Fathers–“Romance”

Young Fathers–“Fortunes”

Young Fathers–“Remains”

Young Fathers–“RRRamada”

Young Fathers–“Dar-Eh Dah Dah Du”


Young Fathers–“I Heard”

Young Fathers–“Come to Life”

Young Fathers–“Only Child”

Young Fathers–“Queen is Dead”

Young Fathers–“Bones”

Young Fathers–“Freefalling”

Young Fathers–“Mr. Martyr”

Young Fathers–“Way Down in the Ebony Hole”

September 11, 2014


World of Twist–“She’s a Rainbow”

The Raincoats–“Only Loved at Night”

New Order–“Ceremony”


Young Fathers–“Ebony Sky”

Young Fathers–“No Way”

Young Fathers–“Low”

Young Fathers–“Just Another Bullet”

Young Fathers–“War”

Young Fathers–“Get Up”

Young Fathers–“Dip”

Young Fathers–“Paying”

Young Fathers–“Mmmh Mmmh”

Young Fathers–“Hangman”

Young Fathers–“Am I Not Your Boy”

Young Fathers–“I’ve Arrived”


Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark–“Electricity”

John Cooper Clarke–“Beasley Street”

New Order–“Everything’s Gone Green”


David Rovics–“Gaza”

David Rovics–“Occupation”

David Rovics–“Bubbling Up”

David Rovics–“What Do You Call It”

David Rovics–“They’re Building a Wall”

David Rovics–“Christmas Eve in Bethlehem”

David Rovics–“Vanunu”

David Rovics–“Palestine”

David Rovics–“The Death of Rachel Corrie”

David Rovics–“Song the Songbird Sings”

David Rovics–“Return”


Joy Division–“Transmission” 

September 18, 2014


Proclaimers–“Cap in Hand”


Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 1: Adagio Cantabile”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 2: Scherzo [Share-tzo]–Allegro; Adagio”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 3: Andante sostenuto [sauce-ten-new-toe]”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 4: Finale (Allegro guerriero) [gwhere-ee-air-oh]”

Nicola Benedetti, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns)”

Nicola Benedetti–“Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns) Variations”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Robert Burns)”

Nicola Benedetti, Phil Cunningham, Tony Byrne, Éamon Doorley, and Ewen Vernal–“Hurricane (James Scott Skinner)”

Nicola Benedetti and Phil Cunningham–“The Dean Brig of Edinburgh (James Scott Skinner)” and “Banks Hornpipe (Traditional)”

Nicola Benedetti and Phil Cunningham–“Aberlady (Phil Cunningham)”

Nicola Benedetti, Phil Cunningham, Julie Fowlis, Duncan Chisholm, Tony Byrne,  Éamon Doorley, Michael McGoldrick, James McIntosh, and Ewen Vernal–“Mouth Music and Tunes Set (Traditional)–Including ‘Fionnghuala [Fenn–oo-laa]’s Bothy’, ‘The Appropriate Dipstick’, ‘Enjoy Your Shoes’, and ‘Hogties’ (Phil Cunningham and Iain MacDonald)”

Nicola Benedetti, Aly Bain, and Phil Cunningham–“The Gentle Light that Wakes Me (Phil Cunningham)”

Nicola Benedetti, Julie Fowlis, Phil Cunningham, Tony Byrne,  Éamon Doorley, and Ewen Vernal–“Coisich [caw-sheesh] a Rùin [roo-in] (Walk My Beloved)”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond”


The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment–“Scotland the Brave”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“Amazing Grace”

The Band of the Scots Guards–“Flower of Scotland”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“The Dark Island”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“Campbeltown Loch”

The Band of the Scots Guards–“Highland Cathedral”

The Band of the Scots Guards–“Argyll Broadswords”

2nd Battalion Scots Guards–“March, Strathspey [strath-spay] and Reel: I. 74th Farewell to Edinburgh, II. Arniston Castle, III. The Sheepwife”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“The Rowan Tree”


Dick Gaughan–“Both Sides the Tweed”

September 25, 2014


PAWS–“Sore Tummy”

PAWS–“Get Bent”

PAWS–“Erreur Humaine”

PAWS–“Owls Talons Clenching My Heart”

PAWS–“Give Up”

PAWS–“Great Bear”


PAWS–“War Cry”


Ceiling Demons–“Demons”

Ceiling Demons–“Every Step is Moving Me Up”

Ceiling Demons–“Amputated Spirit”

Ceiling Demons–“The Mirror’s Image”

Ceiling Demons–“The Dark Wood”

Ceiling Demons–“Follow the Compass”

Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”


Little Victories–“Rockin’ Rupert”

Little Victories–“Nation’s Stimulation”

Little Victories–“The Charm”

Little Victories–“Walking Circles”


Metronomy–“You Could Easily Have Me”

Metronomy–“This Could Be Beautiful (It Is)”

Metronomy–“On Dancefloors”

Remember Remember–“Why You Got a Blue Face?”

Remember Remember–“Purple Phase”

Remember Remember–“Frozen Frenzy”


PAWS–“Miss American Bookworm”

PAWS–“Poor Old Christopher Robin”

October 2, 2014


Ceiling Demons–“The Dark Wood”


Chris Butler–“Grandpa Still Hates the Tories”

Chris Butler–“The Seagull and the Skinhead”

Chris Butler–“Strike!”

Chris Butler–“The Worst Teeth in Showbiz”

Chris Butler–“The Times They Are a Short Changin’”

Chris Butler–“Let’s Misbehave”

Chris Butler–“Fitzwilliam”


Chris Butler–“The Uncollected”

Chris Butler–“Parliament Pays Tribute to Baroness Thatcher”

Chris Butler–“Drink Up (We’ll Have the Same Again)”

Chris Butler–“The Ballad of Dylan and Jack”

Chris Butler–“Dreaming”

Chris Butler–“Goodnight and Good Luck”

Chris Butler–“Ellie”


Honeyblood–“Fall Forever”


Honeyblood–“Killer Bangs”



Honeyblood–“Fortune Cookie”

Honeyblood–“All Dragged Up”

Honeyblood–“Braid Burn Valley”


Messiah J and the Expert–“Year of the Genie”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Megaphone Man”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Tomorrow is Too Late”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Jean is Planning an Escape”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Guess You Had to be There”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Geography”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Looking for a Long Term Thing”


Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”

October 9, 2014


Withered Hand–“Love in the Time of Ecstacy”


The Waterboys–“Old England”

Hot Chip–“Hand Me Down Your Love”

U.N.P.O.C.—“Come In”

Portishead–“The Rip”

Hanggai–“Xiger Xiger”

Meursault–“A Few Kind Words”

Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”


Steve Mason–“Come to Me”

Cherry Ghost–“People Help the People”

Edwyn Collins–“Forsooth”

Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”

Adam Stafford–“Please”

Boards of Canada–“Dayvan Cowboy”

Atlas Sound–“Angel is Broken”


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Afraid of Love”

Department S–“Is Vic There?”

The Phantom Band–“Into the Corn”

The Pharmacists Band–“Merkinch Boy”

Deerhunter–“Dream Captain”

Josef K–“Its Kinda Funny”



The Beta Band–“Dry the Rain”   


The dBs–“Black and White”


Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Protect the Light”

October 16, 2014


Ceiling Demons–“The Mirror’s Image”


PAWS–“Miss American Bookworm”

World of Twist–“She’s a Rainbow”

A Band Called Quinn–“He’s a Dog (Featuring Maxi Geil)”

Crazy World of Arthur Brown–“Fire”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here it Comes Again”

Django Django–“Love’s Dart”

Malcolm Middleton–“Up Late at Night Again”

Roddy Hart–“Close to the Flame”

MONEY–“Hold Me Forever”

Headsticks–“Flatline Town”

Public Service Broadcasting-“Inform–Educate–Entertain”


Headsticks–“You’re Killing Me America”


Headsticks–“Two Sides”




Headsticks–“World Away”

Headsticks–“Teenage Widow”

Headsticks–“Every Dog Will Have Its Day”

Headsticks–“Paper Flowers”

Headsticks–“I Love the Way”

Headsticks–“Flatline Town”


Ceiling Demons–“Amputated Spirit”

Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”

Seanchai–“There Will Be Another Day”

Lou Reed–“Satellite of Love”

The Velvet Underground–“Rock & Roll”

October 23, 2014


Merry Hell–“Drunken Serenade”


Merry Hell–“Over the Border”

Merry Hell–“The Crooked Man”

Merry Hell–“One More Day”

Merry Hell–“The War Between Ourselves”

Merry Hell–“This Time”

Merry Hell–“Rosanna’s Song”

Merry Hell–“Blink . . . and You Miss It”

Merry Hell–“The Butcher & The Vegan”

Merry Hell–“Peace and Love”

Merry Hell–“The Gentle Man”

Merry Hell–“It Won’t Be Long”

Merry Hell–“Lean On Me Love”

Merry Hell–“Pendle Hill”


Woodenbox–“Roll for Me”

Woodenbox–“King’s Liar”

Woodenbox–“Royal Mile”

Woodenbox–“Beautiful Terrible”

Woodenbox–“Everyone Has a Price”

Woodenbox–“Easy Life”

Woodenbox–“Race to the Flood”


Woodenbox–“Save Yourself”


The Kinks–“Autumn Almanac”

The Twilight Sad–“Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters”

Broken Bells–“October”

Mercury Rev–“October Sunshine”

New York Dolls–“Frankenstein”

Yo La Tengo–“Autumn Sweater”


Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

October 30, 2014


Merry Hell–“The War Between Ourselves”


Cherry Ghost–“Clear Skies Ever Closer”

Cherry Ghost–“The World Could Turn”

Cherry Ghost–“Drinking for Two”

Cherry Ghost–“Herd Runners”

Cherry Ghost–“My Lover Lies Under”


The Red Pills–“This is the Life”

The Red Pills–“Blue Space”

The Red Pills–“The Bottom Line”

The Red Pills–“Bite the Hand”

The Red Pills–“The Wasting”

The Red Pills–“Five Grand to Fuck Off”

The Red Pills–“Broke and Broken”

The Red Pills–“Looking Through Different Eyes”

The Red Pills–“Worthless”


State Broadcasters–“The Only Way Home”

State Broadcasters–“Kittiwake”

State Broadcasters–“Takeshi”

State Broadcasters–“Outside the Bakery”

State Broadcasters–“Where I Belong”

State Broadcasters–“This Old Table”


Bwani Junction–“Papa Candy”

Bwani Junction–“Auctioneer”

Bwani Junction–“Borneo”


Merry Hell–“Blink . . . and You Miss It”

Suicide–“Dream Baby Dream”

November 6, 2014


The Twilight Sad–“Untitled #27"


The Twilight Sad–“There’s a Girl in the Corner”

The Twilight Sad–“Last January”

The Twilight Sad–“I Could Give You All that You Don’t Want”

The Twilight Sad–“It Never Was the Same”

The Twilight Sad–“Drown So I Can Watch”

The Twilight Sad–“In Nowheres”

The Twilight Sad–“Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave”

The Twilight Sad–“Pills I Swallow”

The Twilight Sad–“Leave the House”

The Twilight Sad–“Sometimes I Wished I Could Fall Asleep”


Spoon–“Rent I Pay”

Spoon–“Inside Out”

Spoon–“Rainy Taxi”

Spoon–“Do You”

Spoon–“Knock Knock Knock”


Spoon–“They Want My Soul”

Spoon–“I Just Don’t Understand”

Spoon–“Let Me Be Mine”

Spoon–“New York Kiss”


Interpol–“All the Rage Back Home”

Interpol–“My Desire”


Interpol–“Same Town New Story”

Interpol–“My Blue Supreme”

Interpol–“Everything is Wrong”


Spoon–“Got Nuffin”
November 13, 2014


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit”


Loki with Becci Wallace–“The End”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“G.I.M.P.”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“The Ghost of Sage Francis”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Turn the Screw”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Wargasm”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Porno”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“The Unimportance of Being Idle”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Veritas”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Best Friends”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“And You Wonder Why (The North Star)”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Shut Up and Drive”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Rain Water Featuring BMF”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Revo Max”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Friends Like You”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“Trainspotting”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“State of the Union”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“The Way Things Never Were”

Loki with Beeci Wallace–“28 Years Later”


Interpol–“Length of Love”


Interpol–“All the Rage Back Home”


Interpol–“Everything is Wrong”

Interpol–“Not Even Jail”


Loki–“Loki’s the Name”

November 20, 2014


The Twilight Sad–“In Nowheres”


We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Safety in Numbers”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Peaks and Troughs”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“I Keep It Composed”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Peace Sign”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Night Terror”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Disconnecting”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Bright Minds”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“A Part of It”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Moral Compass”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Peace of Mind”

We Were Promised Jetpacks–“Ricochet”


Perfume Genius–“I Decline”

Perfume Genius–“Queen”

Perfume Genius–“Fool”

Perfume Genius–“No Good”

Perfume Genius–“My Body”

Perfume Genius–“Don’t Let Them In”

Perfume Genius–“Grid”

Perfume Genius–“Longpig”

Perfume Genius–“I’m a Mother”

Perfume Genius–“Too Bright”

Perfume Genius–“All Along”


The Twilight Sad–“The Room”

The Twilight Sad–“Kill it in the Morning”

The Twilight Sad–“I Became a Prostitute”

The Twilight Sad–“I Could Give You All You Don’t Want”

November 27, 2014


The Twilight Sad–“The Room”


The Twilight Sad–“That Summer At Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy”

The Twilight Sad–“Last Year’s Rain Didn’t Fall Quite So Hard”

The Twilight Sad–“Cold Days from the Birdhouse”

The Twilight Sad–“Walking for Two Hours”

The Twilight Sad–“Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters”

The Twilight Sad–“And She Would Darken the Memory”

The Twilight Sad–“Twenty Four Hours”


The Twilight Sad–“I Was Hoping Winter Was Over”

The Twilight Sad–“I Became a Prostitute”

The Twilight Sad–“Seven Years of Letters”

The Twilight Sad–“The Wrong Car”

The Twilight Sad–“Sick”

The Twilight Sad–“Nil”

The Twilight Sad–“A Million Ignorants”


The Twilight Sad–“Tell Me When We’re Having Fun”

The Twilight Sad–“Last January”

The Twilight Sad–“I Could Give You All that You Don’t Want”

The Twilight Sad–“Drown So I Can Watch”

The Twilight Sad–“In Nowheres”

The Twilight Sad–“Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave”

The Twilight Sad–“Sometimes I Wish I Could Sleep”           


The Twilight Sad–“Untitled #27"

Lou Reed–“Satellite of Love”

The Velvet Underground–“Rock and Roll”

December 4, 2014


Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus–“American”


Robb Johnson, Jim Woodland, Janet Russell, Leon Rosselson, Frankie Armstrong, Ian Saville, Roy Bailey, Reem Kelani/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Be Reasonable”

Grace Petrie/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Maggie Thatcher’s Dream”

Leon Rosselson/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Benefits”

Sandra Kerr/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Can We Afford the Doctor?”

Frankie Armstrong/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Encouragement”

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, Robb Johnson, Frankie Armstrong, Janet Russell, Reem Kelani/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“U in Union”

Peggy Seeger/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Doggone, Occupation Is On”

Jim Woodland, Janet Russell/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“The Criminal”


Robb Johnson and Roy Bailey/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“The Band Played On”

Leon Rosselson, Reem Kelani, Robb Johnson, Tamer Amu Ghazeleh, Pedro Segundo/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Song of the Olive Tree”

Leon Rosselson/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Looters”

Sandra Kerr/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“I Didn’t Raise My Son to be a Soldier”

Janet Russell/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Guns and Bombs”

Grace Petrie/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Protest Singer Blues”

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, Robb Johnson/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Bread and Roses”


Ian Saville/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“The Vision”

Janet Russell, Reem Kelani, Grace Petrie, Frankie Armstrong, Robb Johnson/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Rosa’s Lovely Daughters”

Frankie Armstrong/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“My Personal Revenge”

Jim Woodland/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Miracles”

Grace Petrie/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Farewell to Welfare”

Peggy Seeger/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Progress Train”


Alan Vega and Marc Hurtado with Lydia Lunch–“Prison Sacrifice”

Joy Division–“Twenty Four Hours”

December 11, 2014


Alan Vega–“Every 1's a Winner”


Roy Bailey and Robb Johnson/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“They All Sang Bread and Roses”

Reem Kelani, Robb Johnson, Bruno Heinen, Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, Andrea Di Blase, Pedro Segundo/ The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Babour Zammar (The Ship Sounded its Horn)”

Janet Russell/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“St. Peter’s Fields”

Sandra Kerr/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Emily Davison”

Jim Woodland, Tom Woodland/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“The Grapes of Wrath”

Peggy Seeger/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Peacock Street”

Leon Rosselson, Robb Johnson, Janet Russell, Roy Bailey, Ian Saville/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“I’m Going Where the Suits Will Shine My Shoes”

Leon Rosselson, Frankie Armstrong, Ian Saville, Janet Russell, Reem Kelani, Roy Bailey/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Why Not?”

Frankie Armstrong, Leon Rosselson/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“To My Countrymen/Proletarian Lullaby”



Rustie–“A Glimpse”


Rustie–“Paradise Stone”

Rustie–“Up Down (Featuring D Double E)”

Rustie–“Attak (Featuring Danny Brown)”


Rustie–“He Hate Me (featuring Gorgeous Children)”


Rustie–“Lost (Featuring Redinho)”

Rustie–“Dream On”

Rustie–“Let’s Spiral”

Rustie–“Green Language”


Janet Russell/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“Guns and Bombs”

Robb Johnson and Roy Bailey/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow-“The Band Played On”

Ian Saville/The Anti-Capitalist Roadshow–“The Vision”   


Suicide–“Dream Baby Dream”

Tom Robinson Band–“2-4-6-8 Motorway”

December 18, 2014


Ceiling Demons–“For the Love (Featuring Acts)”


Ceiling Demons–“Amputated Spirit”

Ceiling Demons-“Every Step is Moving Me Up”

Ceiling Demons–“Follow the Lights (Fold Remix)”

Stanley Odd–“Let Ma Main Breathe”

Stanley Odd–“Did Yi Hear?”

Stanley Odd–“Establishment”

Stanley Odd–“Chase Yirsel”


Atom Tree–“Sinner”

Atom Tree–“Hearts”

Atom Tree–“Hold On”

Atom Tree–“Clouds”

Wall of Voodoo–“Longarm”

Wall of Voodoo–“Ring of Fire”

Baby Strange–“Friend”

Baby Strange–“Never Enough”



Nightwave–“Kiss Kat Featuring Ashnikko”


Nightwave–“Shut it Down Featuring Ashnikko and TT the Artist”

Mogwai–“Mexican Grand Prix”

Mogwai–“Teenage Exorcists”

Mogwai–“History Day”

Mogwai–“HMP Shaun William Ryder”


Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”

Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

Joy Division–“Transmission”

December 25, 2014


Ceiling Demons–“Amputated Spirit”


Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Pillars”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Blunt”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Harland and Wolff”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Scarce”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Never Rest”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Lungs”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“Sleep”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“From the Roots”

Penguins Kill Polar Bears–“The Hounds”


Iain MacHarg–“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

Iain MacHarg–“The Little Drummer Boy”

Iain MacHarg–“Good King Wenceslas/Traditional Jig”

Iain MacHarg–“Come All Ye Faithful/We Three Kings”

Iain MacHarg–“Si Beag Si Mhor”

Iain MacHarg–“Highland Laddie/Tails Canon”

Iain MacHarg–“Greensleeves/What Child is This?”

Iain MacHarg–“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Crusader’s March”

Iain MacHarg–“Ebli Geal Ciuin Ni Cearhaill (Bright Quiet Eileen O’Caroll”)

Iain MacHarg–“Amazing Grace”

Iain MacHarg–“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Paddy’s Leather Breeches”

Iain MacHarg–“Kiss the Child for Me, Mary”

Iain MacHarg–“The First Noel/It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”

Iain MacHarg–“Brian Boru’s March”

Iain MacHarg–“Joy to the World”

Iain MacHarg–“Away in a Manger/The Eavesdropper’s Jig”

Iain MacHarg–“Auld Lang Syne”


Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Family Christmas”

January 1, 2015


The Munros Featuring David Methven–“Auld Lang Syne”

The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra–“Auld Lang Syne”

Nicola Benedetti and Company–“Auld Lang Syne”

Iain MacHarg–“Auld Lang Syne”

Pink Martini–“Auld Lang Syne”


Ballboy–“Welcome to the New Year”

Money Can’t Buy Music–“Holidays are Here to Help You”

The Kinks–“Holiday”

Vampire Weekend–“Holiday”

Alex Kajumulo–“Happy Holidays”



Mantis and MUST DIE–“Culture”

Astronaut & Eyes–“Pinball (Bear Grillz Remix)”

Fel-Fei–“All Day I Dream (Getter Remix)”



Xilent–“Falling Apart II (Featuring Grimm)”

Amy Steele–“Bury You Deep”

Prototype–“Fight to Hold”

Teddy Killerz–“Precious”


Hudson Mohawke–“Chimes”

Hudson Mohawke–“Brainwave”

Hudson Mohawke–“King Kong Beaver”

Hudson Mohawke–“Chimes (Gammer Re-Edit)”

Atom Tree–“Clouds”


Steppenwolf–“Monster (Live)”

Steppenwolf–“Born to be Wild”

January 8, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”


Jonnie Common–“Guesty”

Jonnie Common–“Shark”

Jonnie Common–“Fractal”

Jonnie Common–“Crumbs”

Jonnie Common–“Better Man”

Jonnie Common–“Edc”

Jonnie Common–“So and So”

Jonnie Common–“Just Because”

Jonnie Common–“Legal Tender”

Jonnie Common–“Binary 101"

Jonnie Common–“Figurehead”

Jonnie Common–“Odb”


Andy Stott–“Time Away”

Andy Stott–“Violence”

Andy Stott–“On Oath”

Andy Stott–“Science & Industry”

Andy Stott–“No Surrender”

Andy Stott–“How it Was”

Andy Stott–“Damage”

Andy Stott–“Faith in Strangers”

Andy Stott–“Missing”


Deathcats!!!–“Liquid Gold”



Deathcats!!!–“End Game”
January 15, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”


Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“When the Girl Comes to Town”

The Pure Conjecture–“Surfin’ Sunset”


Gastric Band–“Sexy Grandad”

Trapped Mice–“A Brief Introduction to the Twentieth Century”

The Douglas Firs–“Backroads”

Cuddly Shark–“The Devil in You”

Conor Mason–“Last to Leave”

The Scottish Enlightenment–“Saint Germain is Thick Tonight”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Book Review”


Stanley Odd–“Get Back in the Basement”

Stanley Odd–“To Be This Good Takes Stages”

Stanley Odd–“Who Am I?”

Stanley Odd–“Put Your Roots Down”

Stanley Odd–“Pastime”

Stanley Odd–“Draw Yir Own Conclusions”

Stanley Odd–“Knock Knock”

Stanley Odd–“Monsoon Season”

Stanley Odd–“The Walking Dead”

Stanley Odd–“Her Name Was Hip-Hop”

Stanley Odd–“Son I Voted Yes”


Hector Bizerk–“BT Phone Home”

Hector Bizerk–“The Bigger Picture”

Hector Bizerk–“Little Man Says”

Hector Bizerk–“The Fish That Never Swam”


The Twilight Sad–“In Nowheres”

January 22, 2015


Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”

Silverlode–“Funeral Dirge (Pity Us)”

Silverlode–“Dudley Edwards Skies”

Silverlode–“Bad Vibrations”

Silverlode–“The Poison from the Library”


Silverlode–“Away Santianno!”



VerseChorusVerse–“Our Truth Could Be Their Lie”

VerseChorusVerse–“No More Years”

VerseChorusVerse–“We Spoke with the Night”

VerseChorusVerse–“Big Red Van”

VerseChorusVerse–“You Can’t Win Back Your Freedom if You’ve Never Been Free at All”

VerseChorusVerse–“Unified Unity (Sing for Seeger)”


Garden of Elks–“This Morning We Were Astronauts”
Le Thug–“Basketball Land”
Digitalanalogue–“Café Royal”
Plastic Animals–“Burial Party”
Passion Pusher–“BLT”


Post War Glamour Girls–“Sestra”

Post War Glamour Girls–“Red Terror”

Post War Glamour Girls–“Service Station Blues”

Post War Glamour Girls–“Lightbulb”

Post War Glamour Girls–“Jazz Funerals”


Post War Glamour Girls–“Brat”

January 29, 2015


Post War Glamour Girls–“Brat”


Elbow–“This Blue World”


Elbow–“Fly Boy Blue/Lunette”

Elbow–“New York Morning”

Elbow–“The Take Off and Landing of Everything”

Elbow–“The Blanket of Night”

IndianRedLopez–“Taking a Fall for Me”

IndianRedLopez–“Any Given City”




Sleater-Kinney–“Price Tag”


Sleater–Kinney–“Surface Envy”

Sleater–Kinney–“No Cities to Love”

Sleater–Kinney–“A New Wave”

Sleater-Kinney–“No Anthems”

Sleater–Kinney–“Gimme Love”

Sleater–Kinney–“Bury Our Friends”

Sleater–Kinney–“Hey Darling”



Elbow–“One Day Like This”

Kaiser Chiefs–“I Predict a Riot”

The Clash–“Clampdown”

The XX–“Crystalized”

February 5, 2015


The Waterboys–“And a Bang on the Ear”


The Waterboys–“Destinies Entwined”

The Waterboys–“November Tale”

The Waterboys–“Still a Freak”

The Waterboys–“I Can See Elvis”

The Waterboys–“The Girl Who Slept for Scotland”

The Waterboys–“Rosalind (You Married the Wrong Guy)”

The Waterboys–“Beautiful Now”

The Waterboys–“Nearest Thing to Hiip”

The Waterboys–“Long Strange Golden Road”




Bjork–“History of Touches”

Bjork–“Black Lake”



Bjork–“Atom Dance”

Bjork–“Mouth Mantra”



February 12, 2015


David Bowie–“Rebel Rebel”


The Waterboys–“The Stolen Child”

The Waterboys–“Killing My Heart”

The Waterboys–“Fisherman’s Blues”

The Waterboys–“Old England”

The Waterboys–“Spirit”



Digitalanalogue–“Café Royal”

Sleater-Kinney–“No Cities to Love”

Post War Glamour Girls–“Brat”

Elbow–“This Blue World”

VerseChorusVerse–“Our Truth Could Be Your Lie”


Joy Division–“Disorder”

Joy Division–“Day of the Lords”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

Joy Division–“Transmission”

Joy Division–“Means to an End”

Joy Division–“Twenty Four Hours”

Joy Division–“Decades”


Josef K–“It’s Kinda Funny”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Protect the Light”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Lovelution”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Fly in Love”

Boards of Canada–“Dayvan Cowboy”


Lou Reed–“Rock and Roll”

February 19, 2015

The Waterboys–“Spirit”


Paolo Nutini–“Scream (Funk My Life Up)

Paolo Nutini–“Let Me Down Easy”

Paolo Nutini–“Bus Talk (Interlude)”

Paolo Nutini–“One Day”

Paolo Nutini–“Numpty”

Paolo Nutini–“Superfly (Interlude)”

Paolo Nutini–“Better Man”

Paolo Nutini–“Iron Sky”

Paolo Nutini–“Diana”

Paolo Nutini–“Fashion (Featuring Janelle Monáe)”

Paolo Nutini–“Looking for Something”

Paolo Nutini–“Cherry Blossom”

Paolo Nutini–“Someone Like You”


Belle and Sebastian–“Nobody’s Empire”

Belle and Sebastian–“Allie”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Party Line”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Power of Three”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Cat with the Cream”

Belle and Sebastian–“Enter Sylvia Plath”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Everlasting Muse”

Belle and Sebastian–“Perfect Couples”

Belle and Sebastian–“Ever Had a Little Faith?”

Belle and Sebastian–“Play for Today”


The Horrors–“Sea within a Sea”

February 26, 2015


Paolo Nutini–“Iron Sky”


Belle and Sebastian–“Nobody’s Empire”

Belle and Sebastian–“Allie”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Cat with the Cream”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Everlasting Muse”

Belle and Sebastian–“The Book of You”

Belle and Sebastian–“Today (This Army’s for Peace)”


Mike Vass–“Settled in Clay”

Mike Vass–“Sphere Music”

Mike Vass–“Fused Dark”

Mike Vass–“The Very Thing”

Mike Vass–“Cold Iron”

Mike Vass–“Quiet Voices”

Mike Vass–“Heave and Roll”

Mike Vass–“The Blue Fields of Paradise”

Mike Vass–“The Lock Keeper”

Mike Vass–“One Common Bond”


Mike Vass–“Slide”

Mike Vass–“Pane”
Mike Vass–“Cycles”

Mike Vass–“Man’s Search”


Belle and Sebastian–“Enter Sylvia Plath”

March 5, 2015


Paolo Nutini–“Iron Sky”


Public Service Broadcasting–“The Race for Space”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Sputnik”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Gagarin”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Fire in the Cockpit”

Public Service Broadcasting–“E.V.A.”

Public Service Broadcasting–“The Other Side”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Valentina (Featuring Smoke Faeries)”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Go!”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Tomorrow”


The Pop Group–“Citizen Zombie”

The Pop Group–“Mad Truth”

The Pop Group–“Nowhere Girl”

The Pop Group–“Shadow Child”

The Pop Group–“The Immaculate Deception”

The Pop Group–“S.O.P.H.I.A.”

The Pop Group–“Box 9"

The Pop Group–“Nations”

The Pop Group–“St. Outrageous”

The Pop Group–“Age of Miracles”

The Pop Group–“Echelon”


Voices of the Civil Rights Movement–“We Shall Overcome”

Alastair Hulett–“The Internationale”

The Last Internationale–“Workers of the World–Unite!”

Pete Seeger–“Which Side Are You On?”

The Velvet Underground–“Rock and Roll”

Michael Franti and Spearhead–“We Don’t Stop”

March 12, 2015


Joy Division–“Dead Souls”


Bauhaus–“Kick in the Eye”

Theatre of Hate–“Do You Believe in the Westworld?”

Pixies–“Bone Machine”

The Jesus and Mary Chain–“April Skies”

The Birthday Party–“Release the Bats”

The Lords of the New Church–“L’il Boys Play With Dolls”

Love and Rockets–“Ball of Confusion”

Chrome–“Perfumed Metal”


Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

Modern English–“Just a Thought”

The Sound–“I Can’t Escape Myself”

Dead Can Dance–“The Fatal Impact”

Einstürdenze Neubaten–“Kollaps”

The Wolfgang Press–“Lisa (The Passion)”



The Fall–“R.O.D.”

Pere Ubu–“Final Selection”


The Mission–“Wasteland”

Tones on Tail–“Go!”

Alien Sex Fiend–“E.S.T. (Trip to the Moon)”

Liaisons Dangereuses–“Los Ninos Del Parque”

The Sisters of Mercy–“Black Planet”


Joy Division–“Transmission”

Gang of Four–“To Hell With Poverty”

March 19, 2015


Young Dubliners–“Rocky Road to Dublin”


Black 47–“Salsa O’Keefe”

Black 47–“Culchie Prince”

Black 47–“Dublin Days”

Black 47–“US of A 2014"

Black 47–“The Night the Showbands Died”

Black 47–“Johnny Comes a Courtin’”

Black 47–“Let the People In”

Black 47–“Lament for John Kuhlman”

Black 47–“St. Patrick’s Day”

Black 47–“Queen of Coney Island”

Black 47–“Shanty Irish Baby”

Black 47–“Ballad of Brendan Behan”

Black 47–“Hard Times”


The Irish Rovers–“The Orange and the Green”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“The Rising of the Moon”

The Irish Rovers–“The Black Velvet Band”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“Men of the West”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“Kelly the Boy from Killane”

The Irish Rovers–“Whiskey on a Sunday (The Puppet’s Song)”

The Irish Rovers–“The Marvelous Toy”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“Finnigan’s Wake”

The Irish Rovers–“Goodbye Mick and Goodbye Pat”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“The Real Old Mountain Dew”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“Roisin’ the Bow”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“Whack fol the Diddle”

The Irish Rovers–“Goodbye Mrs. Durkin”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“The Foggy Dew”

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem–“The Wind that Shakes the Barley”

The Irish Rovers–“Nancy Whiskey”


Dropkick Murphys–“Fortunate Son”

Dropkick Murphys–“Nobody’s Hero”

Dropkick Murphys–“We Got the Power”

Dropkick Murphys–“Take Em Down”

Dropkick Murphys–“Career Opportunities (Live)”

Dropkick Murphys–“Do or Die (Live)”

Dropkick Murphys–“Get Up (Live)”

March 26, 2015


Joy Division–“Decades”


Rowland S. Howard and Lydia Lunch–“I Fell in Love With a Ghost”

The Mekons–“Where Were You?”

The Wedding Present–“Waiting for the Guns”

Certain General–“Maximum  G”

Sex Gang Children–“Sebastiane”

Mephisto Waltz–“Israel”

Camper Van Beethoven–“Take the Skinheads Bowling”


Wayne Hussey–“A Night Like This”

Echo and the Bunnymen–“The Killing Moon”

The Lords of the New Church–“Russian Roulette”

Killing Joke–“Love Like Blood”

Gary Numan–“Cars”

Echo and the Bunnymen–“Lips Like Sugar”

Joy Division–“Ice Age”



45 Grave–“Evil”

Super Heroines–“Cry for Help”

Christian Death–“Romeo’s Distress”

Inkubus Sukkubus–“Spellbound”

The Bongos–“Video Eyes”

Doctors of Madness–“Waiting”

Snail–“Last Dog in Space”

Iggy Pop–“Nightclubbing”


Joy Division–“A Means to an End”

Joy Division–“Twenty Four Hours”

April 2, 2015


The Phantom Band–“Into the Corn”


The Douglas Firs–“The Great Generation!”

The Douglas Firs–“Alone”

The Douglas Firs–“Sequestered”

The Douglas Firs–“Fortress”

The Douglas Firs–“Backroads”

The Douglas Firs–“Black Forest”

The Douglas Firs–“Devils”

The Douglas Firs–“Firelight Acolyte Diorama”

The Douglas Firs–“Apologia”

The Douglas Firs–“The Possessed”

The Douglas Firs–“Eulogy”

The Douglas Firs–“Vastations”

The Douglas Firs–“Monument”


James Yorkston–“Fellow Man”

James Yorkston–“The Blues You Sang”

James Yorkston–“Sweet Sweet”

James Yorkston–“Guy Fawkes’ Signature”

James Yorkston–“Thinking About Kat”

James Yorkston–“Feathers are Falling”

James Yorkston–“Broken Wave (a Blues for Doogie)”

James Yorkston–“Red Fox”

James Yorkston–“King of the Moles”

James Yorkston–“Great Ghosts“

James Yorkston–“Sleep On”

James Yorkston–“Embers”

James Yorkston–“Honey on Thigh”

James Yorkston–“As Grey and as White”

James Yorkston–“The Very Very Best”

James Yorkston–“You & Your Sister”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here it Comes Again”

April 9, 2015


Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, and Company–“Bring the Summer Home”


Three Concerned Citizens–“Never Cross”

Louise Distras–“Bullets”

Billy Bragg–“Which Side Are You On?”

Quiet Loner–“Kneel and Comply”

Attila the Stockbroker–“Never Forget”

Thee Faction–“Police State”


Banner Theatre–“The Battle of Orgreave”

Blaggers ITA–“Bastard Chillin’”

Robb Johnson–“Terry French”

Jethro Platts–“The Christmas of ‘84"

The Black Lamps–“The Smoking Party”

TV Smith–“Immortal Rich”


Steve Drewett–“Sweet Jesus”

Pitman Poet–“King Coal”

Sleaford Mods–“Guillotine”

Jon Langford & His Men of Gwent–“The Ballad of Solomon Jones”

Chumbawamba–“Coal Not Dole”



The Movement–“We Got Marx”

Chris T-T--“If You Want to See the Minister”

New Model Army–“Angry Planet”

Steve White & the Protest Family–“Which Side Are You On?”

Matt Abbott–“From Peterloo to Orgreave (165 Years)”

Joe Solo–“No Pasaran!”

The Hurriers–“Truth and Justice”

April 16, 2015


Banner Theatre–“The Battle of Orgreave”


Paul Heaton–“Acid Country”

Grace Petrie–“Rise”

Wilde Sammon–“Remember Orgreave”

Cambodia–“Bang to Rights”

Tony Walsh–“Another Name for Coal”

Terry and Dead–“T-Shirts”

The Oppressed–“Riot”

Chris Evans Collective–“Freedom”


Attila the Stockbroker–“Never Forget”

Quiet Loner–“Kneel and Comply”

Jethro Platts–“The Christmas of ‘84"

TV Smith–“Immortal Rich”

Sleaford Mods–“Guillotine”

Chumbawamba–“Coal Not Dole”

Chris T-T--“If You Want to See the Minister”

New Model Army–“Angry Planet”

Steve White & the Protest Family–“Which Side Are You On?”

Matt Abbott–“From Peterloo to Orgreave (165 Years)”

Joe Solo–“No Pasaran!”

The Hurriers–“Truth and Justice”


Godspeed You! Black Emperor–“Peasantry or ‘Light! Inside of Light!’”

Godspeed You! Black Emperor–“Lambs’ Breath”


Godspeed You! Black Emperor–“Asunder, Sweet”

April 23, 2015


The Feelies–“The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness”


The Feelies–“Nobody Knows”

The Feelies–“Should Be Gone”

The Feelies–“Again Today”

The Feelies–“When You Know”

The Feelies–“Later On”

The Feelies–“Way Down”

The Feelies–“Morning Comes”

The Feelies–“Change Your Mind”

The Feelies–“Here Before”

The Feelies–“Time is Right”

The Feelies–“Bluer Skies”

The Feelies–“On and On”

The Feelies–“So Far”


Trapped Mice–“A Brief Introduction to Modern History”

Trapped Mice–“The French Lieutenant’s Woman”

Trapped Mice–“Slave Girl Song”

Trapped Mice–“Shades, Pt 1 (Dis Manibus)”

Trapped Mice–“The Trial”

Trapped Mice–“Erotion”

Trapped Mice–“Essex Wedding”

Trapped Mice–“Old Patrons”

Trapped Mice–“The Space Race”

Trapped Mice–“When I Sleep”


Trapped Mice–“Shades, Pt 2 (Sacred to the Shades)”

April 30, 2015


Trapped Mice–“The Trial”       


The Colourful Band–“Always the Summer”

The Colourful Band–“Are You Waiting?”

The Colourful Band–“I Want dsrt8 to Go Home”

The Colourful Band–“Easter Road”

The Colourful Band–“Stars”

The Colourful Band–“Newtown Girls”

The Colourful Band–“Getting Famous is Easy”

The Colourful Band–“Into the Bright Sun From Shadow”

The Colourful Band–“The Falling Leave”

The Colourful Band–“Hollow Lonely Heart”

The Colourful Band–“In the Meantime”


The Feelies–“The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness”

The Feelies–“Fa Cé-La”

The Feelies–“Loveless Love”

The Feelies–“Forces at Work”

The Feelies–“Original Love”

The Feelies–“Everyone’s Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)”

The Feelies–“Moscow Nights”

The Feelies–“Raised Eyebrows”

The Feelies–“Crazy Rhythms”


Trapped Mice–“A Brief Introduction to Modern History”

Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”

Trapped Mice–“Essex Wedding”

Trapped Mice–“A Quiet Place”

May 7, 2015


The Horrors–“Sea Within a Sea”


The Waterboys–“Old England”

Withered Hand–“Love in the Time of Ecstacy”

Joy Division–“Twenty Four Hours”

Josef K–“It’s Kinda Funny”

We See Lights–“Sing in Your Own Voice”

Portishead–“The Rip”

Withered Hand–“Hard On”


Hot Chip–“Hand Me Down Your Love”

Spoon–“Got Nuffin”

Malcolm Middleton–“A Brighter Beat”

Joy Division–“Means to an End”

Portishead–“We Carry On”

The Twilight Sad–“The Room”



Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”

Suicide–“Dream Baby Dream”

Adam Stafford–“Please”

MONEY–“Hold Me Forever”

Steve Mason–“Come to Me”

Atlas Sound–“Angel is Broken”

Steve Mason–“A Lot of Love”



Radiohead–“Fake Plastic Trees”
May 14, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”

Trapped Mice–“A Quiet Place”

Paper Truth–“To Be of No Consequence”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here It Comes Again”

The Human League–“Seconds”

The Beta Band–“Dry the Rain”

Meursault–“A Few Kind Words”

The Waterboys–“Spirit”


Oneohtrix Point Never–“Boring Angel”

Arrows of Love–“In the Year 2525"

The Kays Lavelle–“Aftermath”

Money Can’t Buy Music-“Love Will Break Your Heart”       

Human Don’t Be Angry–“Monologue: River”

Cherry Ghost–“People Help the People”

Withered Hand–“Heart Heart”


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit”

Hector Bizerk–“Police St8"

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Afraid of Love”

Extra Fancy–“Sinnerman”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“Broken Record Boy”


World of Twist–“She’s a Rainbow”


Spacemen 3–“Revolution”

Django Django–“Love’s Dart”

Randolph’s Leap–“I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore”

Roddy Hart–“Temperance of Peace”


The XX–“Crystalised”

May 21, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”


Django Django–“Shake and Tremble”

Django Django–“First Light”

Django Django–“Reflections”

Django Django–“High Moon”

Django Django–“Beginning to Fade”

Django Django–“4000 Years”


We See Lights–“Wings and Limbs”

We See Lights–“Oh No, We’re Sinking!”

We See Lights–“Run Away My Love”

We See Lights–“Diving Board”

We See Lights–“Hopeless at Maths”


Supermoon–“Death to Meursault”


Supermoon–“New Boy”

Supermoon–“Ode to Gremlin”

Supermoon–“Oh, Supermoon”

Supermoon–“Supermoon Vs. Black Friday”

Supermoon–“A Gentleman’s Guide . . .”


Meursault–“Ampersand After Ampersand”


Meursault–“A Few Kind Words”



Django Django–“Firewater”

Django Django–“WOR”

Django Django–“Storm”

Django Django–“Zumm Zumm”

Django Django–“Hand of Man”

May 28, 2015


The Velvet Underground–“Sister Ray”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“Better than This”


Delta Mainline–“Misinformation”

Delta Mainline–“Stop This Feeling”

Delta Mainline–“Dead Beat Blues”

Delta Mainline–“The Church is Up for Sale”

Delta Mainline–“Florentine Regime”

Delta Mainline–“Dark Energy”


Julie Fowlis–“A Ghaoil, Leig Drachaigh Gum Mhatahir Mi (Love, Let Me Home to My Mother)”

Julie Fowlis–“Smeòrach Chlann Dòmhnaill (The Mavis of Clan Donald)”

Julie Fowlis–“Do Chalum (To Calum)”

Julie Fowlis–“Puirt-À-Buel Set: Ribinneah Rìomhach (Beautiful Ribbons)”

Julie Fowlis–“Òran Fir Heisgeir (Gura Mis’ Tha Fo Mhìghean) (The Song of Fear Heisgeir)” [Fu-ar Hooish-share]

Julie Fowlis–“Puirt-À-Buel Set: Fodar Dha Na Gamhna Beaga (Fodder for the Small Stirks)”

Julie Fowlis–“An Ròn (The Seal)”\”Ann An Caolas Od Odrum (In the Narrows of Od Odrum)”


Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“Looking for Another Girl”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“From Your Lips”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“Don’t You Call on Me”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“When the Girl Comes to Town”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“If You Wanna Leave”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“Song for a Girl”


The Twilight Sad–“The Room”

Spacemen 3–“Revolution”

The Velvet Underground–“Rock and Roll”

June 4, 2015


Over the Wall–“A History of British Welfarism 1945-1984”


Over the Wall–“Radiator”

Over the Wall–“Leave Gaps and Forget”

Over the Wall–“Cast Your Stone”

Over the Wall–“Action Man”


Jo Mango–“Blue Dawn Light (Ben TD Remix)”

Jo Mango–“Ludwig (Joyful Lungs Remix)”

Jo Mango–“Every Certainty (Cyad Remix)”

Jo Mango–“The Black Sun (Machines in Heaven Remix)”

Jo Mango–“Kingdom (Carbs Remix)”

Jo Mango–“The Moth and The Moon (Cyad Remix)”

Jo Mango–“Cordelia (Adem Remix)”


Call to Mind–“A9"

Call to Mind–“Jasione”

Call to Mind–“Running With Scissors”

Call to Mind–“A Family Sketch”

Call to Mind–“Passing Drumochter”

Call to Mind–“Breathe”

Call to Mind–“Over the Machair”

Call to Mind–“Untitled”

Call to Mind–“Sightlines”

Call to Mind–“Chemotherapy”


Over the Wall–“The Crucible”

Over the Wall–“Stages”

Over the Wall–“Thurso”

June 11, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”


Atom Tree–“Die for Your Love”

Atom Tree–“Desired Effect (Featuring Fergus Cook)”

Atom Tree–“Tide of Thorns”

Atom Tree–“P.S.”


Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“On the Motorway”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“VHS-C”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“Lock Up Your Lambs”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“This Dark Desire”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“The Tangle of Us”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“Any Other Mirror”


Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“The Unseen Man”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“Vanilla”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“Street Pastor Colloquy, 3AM”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“The Eleven Year Glitch”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“Far From You”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“We’re Still Here”


The War on Drugs–“Under the Pressure”

The War on Drugs–“Red Eyes”

The War on Drugs–“Suffering”

The War on Drugs–“An Ocean in Between the Waves”

The War on Drugs–“Disappearing”


The War on Drugs–“Eyes to the Wind”

June 18, 2015


The War on Drugs–“Red Eyes”


The War on Drugs–“The Haunting Idle”

The War on Drugs–“Burning”

The War on Drugs–“Lost in the Dream”

The War on Drugs–“In Reverse”


The Last Battle–“Breathe Bones”

The Last Battle–“Perfecting The Art (Of Saying Nothing)”

The Last Battle–“Torness”

Michael MacLennan–“Fall Down On Me”

Michael MacLennan–“To the Fire”

Michael MacLennan–“Avalanche”

Michael MacLennan–“Wolves”


San Fran & The Siscos–“Yes”

San Fran & The Siscos–“The Bogey Man”

San Fran & The Siscos–“The United Colours of Cumnock”


How to Swim–“Diego Whirlwind”

How to Swim–“Inferiority”

How to Swim–“Genesis P and Me”

How to Swim–“From Here to Dundee Slash Eternity”

How to Swim–“The Ghastly Ones”


Nina Simone–“Why? (The King of Love is Dead)”

Billie Holiday–“Strange Fruit”

The Staple Singers–“Will the Circle Be Unbroken”

Leonard Cohen–“Democracy”


Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“We’re Still Here”

June 25, 2015


Bernice Johnson Reagon–“Been in the Storm So Long”


The-Dream, “Black”

Kanye West–“Black Skinhead”

Ossie Davis, Maya Angelou, Paul Robeson, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X & Martin Luther King, Jr.–“African Roots of Struggle”

Gil Scot-Heron–“Did You Hear What They Said?”

Syl Johnson–“Is It Because I’m Black?”

Sly and the Family Stone–“Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey”

Gil Scot–Heron–“Whitey On the Moon”

Nina Simone–“Mississippi Goddamn”

Fred Hampton, Frank, L. D. Barkley, Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee, George Jackson, Georgia Jackson & Assata Shakur–“Prison Doors”

Mos Def–“Mr. Nigga”

Gil Scot-Heron–“Winter in America”

Lord Kitchener–“If You’re Not White You’re Black”

The Specials–“Racist Friend”

Pussy Riot–“I Can’t Breathe”

Gil Scot-Heron–“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

Marge Piercy, The Free Southern Theatre, Ossie Davis & Sweet Honey in the Rock–“We Who Believe in Freedom”

The Young Mods’ Forgotten Story–“Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)”

Mike James Kirkland–“Hang on in There”

Curtis Mayfield–“Move On Up”

Sam Cooke–“A Change is Gonna Come”

SNCC Freedom Singers–“We Shall Overcome”


The Freedom Singers–“Which Side Are You On?”

Florence Reece and the Almanac Singers–“Which Side Are You On?”

Steve White and the Protest Family–“Which Side Are You On?”

Billy Bragg–“Which Side Are You On?”

Tom Morello, The Nightwatchman–“Which Side Are You On?”

July 2, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”


Bernice Jones–“In That Morning”

Sam Gleaves and Myra Morrison–“Sandy River Belle”

Robert Jones–“Lovers Is You Right?”

Il Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano–“Stornelli D’esilio (Exile Songs)”

Tim Ericksen and Riley Baugus–“The Company Store”

Stray Birds–“Welcome, Mother Jones”

Sam Gleaves, Myra Morrison, and Jordan Engel–“Law in the West Virginia Hills”

Wayne Erbsen–“The Battle of Bull Run”

Elizabeth Laprelle–“Lonesome Jailhouse Blues”

Morgan O’Kane–“When the Leaves Come Out”

Jason Shelton and the First UU Choir of Nashville, TN–“Stand Out, Ye Miners”

Bare Bones–“No Unions Down Yonder”

2/3 Goat–“Mining Royalties”

Brett Ratliff and Adrian Shepherd-Powell–“Bumblebee in a Jug”

Jubal’s Kim–‘The Pennsylvania Miner”

Jamie Laval–“Silhouette”

Brian Clafin, Adi Devine, Sara Lynch-Thomason, and Liam Michael Sky–“Hang Don Chafin”

Brett Ratliff–“Coal Creek March”

Dom Flemons–“Harlan County Blues”

2011 Blair Marchers Led by Saro L-T--“Hold On”

2/3 Goat–“Stream of Conscience”


Atom Tree–“Sinner”

Atom Tree–“Hearts”

Atom Tree–“Hold On”

Atom Tree–“Die for Your Love”

Atom Tree–“Desired Effect (Featuring Fergus Cook)”

Atom Tree–“Tide of Thorns”

Atom Tree–“P.S.”

July 9, 2015


Atom Tree–“Clouds”               


Geoff Higginbottam–“I Just Can’t Live”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Little Piecer”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Weavers’ Life”

Geoff Higginbottam–“Poverty Knock”

Geoff Higginbottam–“Our Day Will Come”

Geoff Higginbottam–“If Only”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Weavers’ March”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Vicar and the Bank Account”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Mill Owners’ Revenge”

Geoff Higginbottam–“Soldiers on the Rampage”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Remorseful Soldier”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Mothers’ Lament”

Geoff Higginbottam–“Never Again”

Geoff Higginbottam–“Peterloo”

Geoff Higginbottam–“The Free Trade Hall”

Geoff Higginbottam–“Stand Up Proud”


Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Meet Me in the Morning”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Is That You?”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Slow Walk”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Daniella”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Take Me”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Little Things”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“I Know You”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Too Much of a Good Thing”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Junebug Waltz”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Sali’s Song”

Hurray for the Riff Raff–“Young Blood Blues”


Atom Tree–“P.S.”

Last Updated: June 26, 2015