July 18, 2013--July 10, 2014: Shows #418 through #469

July 18, 2013


Boards of Canada–“Chromakey Dreamcoat”


Human Don’t Be Angry–“The Missing Plutonium”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“H.D.B.A. Theme”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“First Person Singular, Present Tense”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“After the Pleasuredome”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“Monologue: River”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“Jaded”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“1985"

Human Don’t Be Angry–“Asklipiio”

Human Don’t Be Angry–“Getting Better (At Feeling Like Shit)”


The Twilight Sad–“Alphabet”

The Twilight Sad–“Dead City”

The Twilight Sad–“Sick”

The Twilight Sad–“Don’t Move”

The Twilight Sad–“Nil”

The Twilight Sad–“Don’t Look at Me”

The Twilight Sad–“Not Sleeping”

The Twilight Sad–“Another Bed”

The Twilight Sad–“Kill It in the Morning”


Boards of Canada–“Peacock Tail”

Boards of Canada–“‘84 Pontiac Dream”

Boards of Canada–“Oscar See Through Red Eye”

Boards of Canada–“Tears from the Compound Eye”

Boards of Canada–“Dayvan Cowboy”

July 25, 2013


Daft Punk–“Lose Yourself to Dance (Featuring Pharrell Williams)”


Django Django–“Introduction”

Django Django–“Hail Bop”

Django Django–“Default”

Django Django–“Firewater”

Django Django–“Waveforms”

Django Django–“Zumm Zumm”

Django Django–“Hand of Man”

Django Django–“Love’s Dart”

Django Django–“Wor”

Django Django–“Storm”

Django Django–“Life’s a Beach”

Django Django–“Skies Over Cairo”

Django Django–“Silver Rays”




Meursault–“Lament for a Teenage Millionaire”



Meursault–“Lightning Bolt”

Meursault–“Dull Spark”

Meursault–“Dearly Distracted”




David Rovics–“Prism”

Daft Punk–“Get Lucky (Featuring Pharrell Williams)”

Radiohead–“Fake Plastic Trees”

Radiohead–“Street Spirit (Fade Out)”

August 1, 2013




David Rovics–“Prism”

David Rovics–“Landlord”

David Rovics–“Assata”

David Rovics–“The Man Who Burned the White House Down”

David Rovics–“Egyptian Rag”

David Rovics–“Someone’s Got Their Ear”

David Rovics–“Henk”

David Rovics–“Barack Obama”


David Rovics–“American Rag”

David Rovics–“Flight 800"

David Rovics–“A Brief History of the Orange Line”

David Rovics–“Vasili”

David Rovics–“Bonobo Song”

David Rovics–“God Bless the USA”

David Rovics–“What Am I Doing Here”


Tyranny is Tyranny–“Manufacturing Truth”

Tyranny is Tyranny–“Owned By Thieves”

Tyranny is Tyranny–“Down the K-Hole”

Tyranny is Tyranny–“The Haze of Childhood”

Tyranny is Tyranny–“Apostasy”

Tyranny is Tyranny–“The American Dream is a Lie”

Tyranny is Tyranny–“Always Stockholm, Never Lima”


MONEY–“So long (Godisdead)”

The Twilight Sad–“In the Blackout”


Meursault–“A Few Kind Words”

August 8, 2013


MONEY–“So long (Godisdead)”


Fuck Buttons–“Brainfreeze”

Fuck Buttons–“Year of the Dog”

Fuck Buttons–“The Red Wing”

Fuck Buttons–“Sentients”

Fuck Buttons–“Prince’s Prize”

Fuck Buttons–“Stalker”

Fuck Buttons–“Hidden Xs”


Tangerine Dream–“Marmontel Riding on a Cliff”

Tangerine Dream–“Breath Kissing Matter’s Mouth”

Tangerine Dream–“Beauty of Magic Antagonism”

Tangerine Dream–“Fay Bewitching the Moon”

Tangerine Dream–“Cycle of Eternity”


Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

Joy Division–“Novelty”

August 15, 2013


Fuck Buttons–“Brainfreeze”


Tangerine Dream–“Death in the Shadow”

Tangerine Dream–“Moment of Floating into the Light”

Tangerine Dream–“Darkness Veiling the Night”


The Twilight Sad–“Untitled #28"

The Twilight Sad–“The Neighbours Can’t Breathe”

The Twilight Sad–“Untitled #27"

The Twilight Sad–“The Room”


The Three Johns–“Teenage Nightingales to Wax”

The Three Johns–“Devil’s Music”
The Three Johns–“Death of the European”

Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians of the British Empire–“Thatcher’s Children”

Kid British–“Bookies”

Kid British–“Northern Quarter”

Kid British–“Tib Street”


Withered Hand–“Inbetweens”

Withered Hand–“Walls”

Withered Hand–“Big Ten Four (Paul’s Song)”

Withered Hand–“No Cigarettes”

Withered Hand–“Hard On”

Withered Hand–“Love in the Time of Ecstacy”


MONEY–“I’ll Be the Night”

August 22, 2013


Withered Hand–“No Cigarettes”


Rick Redbeard–“Clocks”

Rick Redbeard–“Old Blue”

Rick Redbeard–“Any Way I Can”

Rick Redbeard–“No Selfish Heart”

Rick Redbeard–“Now We’re Dancing”

Rick Redbeard–“Cold as Clay (The Grave)”

Rick Redbeard–“We All Float”


Delphic–“Clarion Call”


Delphic–“This Momentary”



Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”

Ex-Cult–“On Film”

Milk Music–“Illegal and Free”

Arrington De Dionysio’s Malaikat Dan Singa–“I Create in the Broken System”

Caitlin Rose–“Waitin’”

Django Django–“WOR”


Rob St. John–“Your Phantom Limb”

Rob St. John–“Sargasso Sea”

Rob St. John–“Stainforth Force”


Withered Hand–“New Dawn”

August 29, 2013


Rob St. John–“Domino”


Deacon Blue–“Raintown”

Deacon Blue–“Loaded”

Deacon Blue–“When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)”

Deacon Blue–“Dignity”

Deacon Blue–“Love’s Great Fears”

Deacon Blue–“Town to be Blamed”

Deacon Blue–“Riches”


Primal Scream–“Movin’ On Up”

Primal Scream–“Slip Inside This House”

Primal Scream–“Don’t Fight It, Feel It”

Primal Scream–“Higher than the Sun”

Primal Scream–“Inner Flight”

Primal Scream–“Come Together”

Primal Scream–“Loaded”

Primal Scream–“Higher than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts Featuring Jah Wobble)”

The Hollies–“Bus Stop”

The Hollies–“Just One Look”

The Hollies–“I Can’t Let Go”

The Hollies–“I’m Alive”

The Hollies–“Here I Go Again”

The Hollies–“Stop Stop Stop”

The Hollies–“On a Carousel”

The Hollies–“Carrie Anne”

The Hollies–“Hey Willy”

The Hollies-“Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress”


Withered Hand–“Oldsmobile Car”

Withered Hand–“Heart Heart”


September 5, 2013




Kidsmoke–“Tired City Love”

The Rubys–“Not Like You”

The Rubys–“Sell the Sun at Once”

Inside View–“New York”

Inside View–“Can’t See Why”

Cassini Club–“Swings and Roundabouts”

Cassini Club–“Guilt Tripper”


Mykki Blanco–“David Blaine”

Ceramic Dog–“Masters of the Internet”

Laura Mvula–“That’s Alright”

TORRES–“Jealousy and I”

The Twilight Sad–“I Became a Prostitute”

The Twilight Sad–“Seven Years of Letters”

The Twilight Sad–“The Room”

Peter Hook and the Light–“New Dawn Fades (Instrumental Mix)”

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown–“Fire”

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins–“I Put a Spell On You”

Extra Fancy–“Sinnerman”


Michael Rattray–“The Ghost of Nick Drake”

Sandboy–“Revolution Radio (Whiskey and Roses)”

Class Actions–“Do You Feel Safe”

Class Actions–“The Underdogs”

Class Actions–“M is for Maggie”


Every Move a Picture–“Chemical Burns”

September 12, 2013


Okkervil River–“Rider”


Okkervil River–“It Was My Season”

Okkervil River–“On a Balcony”

Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”

Okkervil River–“Pink-Slips”

Okkervil River–“Lido Pier Suicide Car”

Okkervil River–“Where the Spirit Left Us”

Okkervil River–“White”

Okkervil River–“Stay Young”

Okkervil River–“Walking without Frankie”

Okkervil River–“All the Time Every Day”

Okkervil River–“Black Nemo”


MONEY–“So Long (God is Dead)”

MONEY–“Who’s Going to Love You Now”

MONEY–“Bluebell Fields”

MONEY–“Goodnight London”

MONEY–“Letter to Yesterday”

MONEY–“Hold Me Forever”

MONEY–“Cold Water”

MONEY–“The Cruelty of Godliness”

MONEY–“The Shadow of Heaven”



Joy Division–“Means to an End”

September 19, 2013


MONEY–“Letter to Yesterday”


Keser–“Jimmy Wah”

Keser–“Splice the Glitch”


Keser–“Diablo Canyon 1"
Keser–“Acts of Dog”


John Steven–“The Big Kilmarnock Bonnet”

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat–“Glasgow Jubilee (A JD Twitch Optimo mix)”

6th Borough Project–“Do it to the Max”


Cronk Family Enterprises–“Tifit Hayed”

Lord of the Isles–“I Remember”

Sparky–“Portland (2012 Extended Version)”

Golden Teacher–“Love Rocket!”

Leeon–“The Outsider (Conforce mix)”

Factory Floor–“Real Love (An Optimo Espacio Mix)”


Kidsmoke–“Take Me to the River”

Pulp–“Down By The River”

Stan Ridgway–“Foggy River”

Atlas Sound–“River Card”

The Gaslight Anthem–“Meet Be By the River’s Edge”

Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”


MONEY–“Bluebell Fields”

MONEY–“Hold Me Forever”

MONEY–“The Shadow of Heaven”

Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

Joy Division–“Twenty Four Hours”

September 26, 2013


Factory Floor–“Turn It Up”


Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“Static Voices Trace the Dark”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“An Infidelity”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“Dehydration Blues”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“Broken Record Boy”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“Nothings Going to Change”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin’ Screichs–“I Have Not Led a Blameless Life”


revol’Angelo–“Black Roses”

revol’Angelo–“Total Recall”

revol’Angelo–“Rebel in the Morning”

revol’Angelo–“Radical Republican”



Alun Parry–“Bring Love”

Alun Parry–“Union Hall”

Alun Parry–“My Name is Dessie Warren”

Alun Parry–“Over the Water”

Alun Parry–“Julio from Chile”

Alun Parry–“The Dirty Thirty”

Alun Parry–“If Harry Don’t Go”

Alun Parry–“On the Train from Barcelona”

Alun Parry–“Oh Mr Cameron”

Alun Parry–“The Football Song”


Factory Floor–“Fall Back”

Joy Division–“Disorder”

October 3, 2013


Barry Adamson–“The Sun and the Sea (Alternative Version)


Elbow–“Lippy Kids (Live from Pinkpop)”

Everything Everything–“Carry Me Home (Gloworm Cover)”

Jim Noir–“Spider Glider”

From the Kites of San Quentin–“Undoneath”


Mr. Scruff–“Chin Up”



The Durutti Column–“Requiem Away”


BeatingWing Orchestra–“Sema”

No Ceremony–“Wearme”

Ruby Ann Patterson–“Start You Again”

Air Cav–“Crystalline/Dawn Chorus”

I am Kloot–“Bigger Wheels”


Flogging Molly–“Don’t Shut Them Down”

Coldcut–“Every Home a Prison (Shut Up and Dance Mix)”

Dick Gaughan–“The World Turned Upside Down”

MC-VA–“Locked Down”


Roddy Hart–“When the Wall Comes Down”

The Buzzcocks–“Something’s Gone Wrong Again”

Chumbawamba–“Everything You Know is Wrong”

Suicide–“Wrong Decisions”

The Clash–“Clampdown (Live)”


Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”

October 10, 2013


The Waterboys–“Wild Horses (Live)”


Kid Canaveral–“The Wrench”

Kid Canaveral–“Skeletons”

Kid Canaveral–“Low Winter Sun”

Kid Canaveral–“What We Don’t Talk About”

Kid Canaveral–“Without a Backing Track”

Kid Canaveral–“So Sad, So Young”

Kid Canaveral–“A Compromise”


Conquering Animal Sound–“Ultimate Heat Death of the Universe”

Conquering Animal Sound–“The Future Does Not Require”

Conquering Animal Sound–“Warn Me”

Conquering Animal Sound–“A Noise Remains”

Conquering Animal Sound–“Treehouse”


The Leg–“An Eagle to Saturn”

The Leg–“Bake Yourself Silly”

The Leg–“Sad as Dead Monkeys”

The Leg–“Freda Bolt”

The Leg–“God Don’t Like It”

The Leg-“?”


Call Me Salvador–“Under the Surface”

Yusuf Azak–“American Eyes”

Yusuf Azak–“Go Native”

Blue Rose Code–“Julie”


Malcolm Middleton–“Fuck It, I Love You”

October 17, 2013


Joy Division–“New Dawn Fades”


Bad Lieutenant–“Feed the Fire”

Silverclub–“Washed Out”


The Whip–“Secret Weapon (Tom Lowe Remix)”

Jez Kerr–“Reason I Feel Like I an Alien (Stripped Version)”


Plank!–“La Luna (Boxed in Remix)”

Janice Graham Band–“Murder”



Dutch Uncles–“The Ink (Magic Arm Remix)”

Jasper Rhodonite–“Put It In”

The Travelling Band–“Rise Fast, Fall Slow”

JP Cooper–“Oh Brother”

Sara Lowes–“Fear of Landing”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds–“Let the Lord Shine a Light on Me”


Pet Shop Boys–“Axis”

Pet Shop Boys–“Love is a Bourgeois Construct”

Pet Shop Boys–“Flourescent”

Pet Shop Boys–“The Last to Die”

Pet Shop Boys–“Shouting in the Evening”

Pet Shop Boys–“Vocal”


Joy Division–“No Love Lost”
October 24, 2013


Pet Shop Boys–“Love is a Bourgeois Construct”


Leonard Cohen–“Crazy to Love You”

Antony and the Johnsons–“Thank You for Your Love”

Dick Gaughan–“A Different Kind of Love Song”

Tom Neilson–“Forty Years of Love Songs”

Angelo Badalamenti–“Mulholland Drive/Love Theme”

Alun Parry–“Bring Love”

Damien Dempsey–“Almighty Love”


Withered Hand–“Love in the Time of Ecstacy”

Lou Reed–“Satellite of Love”

Swans–“Love Will Save You”

Suicide–“Love You (Live)”

The Raincoats–“Only Loved at Night”

Interpol–“Length of Love”

Siouxsie and the Banshees–“Love in a Void”

Wall of Voodoo–“Can’t Make Love”

Kaiser Chiefs–“Everyday I Love You Less and Less”

Joy Division–“Love Will Tear Us Apart”


Boogie Pimps–“Somebody to Love (Main Club Mix)”

Hot Chip–“Hand Me Down Your Love”

Soft Cell–“Tainted Love (Live)”

Django Django–“Love’s Dart”

Belle and Sebastian–“Write About Love”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Lovelution”

The Skatalites–“Love is the Way”

Jimmy Somerville–“To Love Somebody”

The Waterboys–“A Man is in Love”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Fly in Love”


Rory McLeod–“I Just Want to Be Loved”

October 31, 2013


The Velvet Underground–“What Goes On”


Lou Reed–“Street Hassle”

Lou Reed–“Kill Your Sons”

Lou Reed–“Dirty Blvd.”

Lou Reed–“Magic and Loss”

Lou Reed–“The Gun”

Lou Reed–“Coney Island Baby”

Lou Reed–“How Do You Think it Feels”

Lou Reed–“Perfect Day”

Lou Reed–“Satellite of Love”

Lou Reed–“Walk on the Wild Side”


Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“The Murder Mystery”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“Heroin”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“Sister Ray”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“Sweet Jane”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“Waiting for the Man”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“Beginning to See the Light”

Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“All Tomorrow’s Parties”


Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground–“Rock and Roll”

November 7, 2013


Keser–“Acts of Dog”       


Johnny Marr–“Upstarts”

Johnny Marr–“The Messenger”

Johnny Marr–“Generate! Generate!”

Johnny Marr–“New Town Velocity”


James Yorkston and the Athletes–“In Your Hands”

James Yorkston and the Athletes–“Saint Patrick”

James Yorkston and the Athletes–“Sweet Jesus”

James Yorkston and the Athletes–“Tender to the Blues”

James Yorkston and the Athletes–“Cheating the Game”

James Yorkston and the Athletes–“I Spy Dogs”

James Yorkston and the Athletes–“6:30 is Just Way Too Early”


The Associates–“Even Dogs in the Wild”

Burial–“Dog Shelter”

Laurie Anderson–“Walk the Dog”

Swans–“Black Eyed Dog”

Fuck Buttons–“Year of the Dog”

Tom Morello–“The Dogs of Tijuana”

Gogol Bordello–“Dogs Were Barking”

Fever Ray–“Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Edit)”

SNCC Freedom Singers Led by Cordell Reagon–“Dog, Dog”

Stooges–“I Wanna Be Your Dog”

David Bowie–“Diamond Dogs”

Spoon–“The Underdog”


A Band Called Quinn–“He’s a Dog (Featuring Maxi Geil)”

November 14, 2013


Blurt–“Puppeteers of the World Unite (Live in Berlin 13.12.1980)”


The Last Internationale–“Cod’ine”

The Last Internationale–“Black Cat”

The Last Internationale–“Mean Mistreatin’ Mama”

The Last Internationale–“Bourgeois Blues”
The Last Internationale–“Moanin’ at Midnight”


Steve Mason–“The Old Problem”

Steve Mason–“Lie Awake”

Steve Mason–“A Lot of Love”

Steve Mason–“Lonely”

Steve Mason–“Seen it All Before”

Steve Mason–“Never Be Alone”

Steve Mason–“More Money, More Fire”

Steve Mason–“Fire!”

Steve Mason–“Fight Them Back”

Steve Mason–“Come to Me”


Two Weeks Running–“Romeo”

Saturday Night Gym Club–“If Destroyed Still True”


M C Tunes–“Me and Baby Brother (1991)”

China White–“Our Dylan (Featuring Rowetta)”

Twin Planets–“Discotequer”

Paul White–“Pornucopia”



Blurt–“Paranoid Blues (Live in Berlin 13.12.1980)”

November 21, 2013


Steve Mason–“A Lot of Love”


Butterfly House–“Lose Ur Grip”

Iver Kolaj–“Brings You Down”

The Brightsparks–‘What Am I Looking For?”

The Spare Rib–“Blue Moon”

Belle Vue–“Amber”

Missed You at the Show–“Small Town”

Kids with Machetes–“Vices”

Echodeck–“Hey Hey Hey”

New Slums–“New Slums”


And the Moose Came in Second–“Open Place”

White Lightnin’–“Rolling Thunder”

Jed Potts and the Hillman Hunters–“Burn It!”

Missing Cat–“Of Flesh”

New Urban Frontier–“If You Can’t Dance, It’s Not Your Revolution”

Bunty–“Mysterious Fruit”

Hector Bizerk–“Police St8"

The Deadline Shakes–“Don’t You Be Too Cool”


Missing Cat–“No Ghosts”

Fridgemaster–“Simple Games”

The Woven Tents–“Kids in the Park”

Hot Tin Roof–“Early 20s”

Bunty–“Overview Effect”

Poppy Ackroyd–“Mechanism”

Alistair Ogilvy–“Willie’s Fatal Visit”

Aaron Wright–“Crosses”


Steve Mason–“Come to Me”

November 28, 2013


The Last Internationale–“Workers of the World Unite!”


Mary Gauthier–“Thanksgiving”

Thomas Pace–“Thanksgiving 1969"

Kumanu–“Give Thanks”

Cloud Cult–“Thanks”

Tobias Froberg–“Thank You”

The Damned–“Thanks for the Night”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Thank You”


Fast Rattler–“Hand on the Plow”

Fast Rattler–“Phillips Folly”

Fast Rattler–“Coyote”

Fast Rattler–“Take it to the Streets”

Fast Rattler–“Solidarity Forever”

Fast Rattler–“Linger On”


Low Tide Drifters–“New Hard Time Blues”

Low Tide Drifters–“Lincoln County Blues”

Low Tide Drifters–“The Common Voice”

Low Tide Drifters–“The Garden”

Low Tide Drifters–“Every Stitch”

Low Tide Drifters–“Trail Bride”

Low Tide Drifters–“Helping Amy Move (to Seattle)”

Low Tide Drifters–“Sweet William”

Low Tide Drifters–“Broken Bootstraps”

Low Tide Drifters–“A Prayer for Josephine”

Low Tide Drifters–“St. James Infirmary”


Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”

December 5, 2013


Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”


Adam Stafford–“Imaginary Walls Collapse”

Adam Stafford–“Vanishing Tanks”

Adam Stafford–“Ghostly Arms”

Adam Stafford–“Please”

Adam Stafford–“Cold Seas”

Adam Stafford–“Carshulton Girls”

Adam Stafford–“Invisible Migration”

Adam Stafford–“His Acres”

Adam Stafford–“Phased Return”


Sparrow and the Workshop–“Valley of Death”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“Shock Shock”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“Water Won’t Fall”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“Flower Bombs”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“The Glue That Binds Us”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“Autumn to Winter”


Arctic Monkeys–“Do I Wanna Know?”

Arctic Monkeys–“R U Mine?”

Arctic Monkeys–“I Want it All”

Arctic Monkeys–“Fireside”

Arctic Monkeys–“Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High”

Arctic Monkeys–“Arabella”

Arctic Monkeys–“Mad Sounds”

Arctic Monkeys–“Snap Out of It”


MONEY–“Hold Me Forever”
December 12, 2013


Adam Stafford–“Please”


The SeaWaves–“Potpourri Musicale”

The SeaWaves–“Army of Support”

The SeaWaves–“Talking Truth”

The SeaWaves–“You Were There When”

The SeaWaves–“Fifty Fits You”

The SeaWaves–“Undying Whispers of Love”


The SeaWaves–“For the Good of All”

The SeaWaves–“Changes?”

The SeaWaves–“Gay Beach in P-Town”

The SeaWaves–“Reach Out”

The SeaWaves–“Gracias a La Vida”

The SeaWaves–“A Caring Place”


Adam Stafford–“His Acres”

Arctic Monkeys–“Knee Socks”

Dmgm–“Grip is Slipping”

Dmgm–“Halfway House” 

Dmgm–“Fall from Grace”

Dmgm–“Broken Bottles”

Dmgm–“And When the Clouds”

Dmgm–“Good Times, High Times and Hard Times”

Dmgm–“Five Fingers a Fist”

Dmgm–“Youth is Wasted on the Young”

Arctic Monkeys–“I Wanna Be Yours”

Adam Stafford–“Cold Seas”


Adam Stafford–“Vanishing Tanks”
December  19, 2013




Keser–“Acts of Dog”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin Screichs–“Broken Record Boy”

Kidsmoke–“Take Me to the River”

Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”

Alun Parry–“Bring Love”

MONEY–“Letter to Yesterday”

MONEY–“Hold Me Forever”


The Last Internationale–“Workers of the World Unite!”

Fast Rattler–“Solidarity Forever”


Hector Bizerk–“Police STB”

White Lightnin’–“Rolling Thunder”

Kid Canaveral–“Skeletons”

Two Weeks Running–“Romeo”

Bad Lieutenant–“Feed the Fire”

Pet Shop Boys–“Love is a Bourgeois Construct”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“Shock Shock”

Sparrow and the Workshop–“Flower Bombs”

Dmgm–“And When the Clouds”


Adam Stafford–“Please”

The Seawaves–“Gracias a la Vida”

Adam Stafford–“His Acres”

Steve Mason–“A Lot of Love”

Steve Mason–“Come to Me”


Lou Reed–“Satellite of Love”

December 26, 2013


Alex Kajumulo–“Happy Holidays”


Anne Feeney–“Brave New Christmas”

Joe Jencks–“Christmas in Mansfield”

Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Family Christmas”

The Magnetic Fields–“Everything is One Big Christmas Tree”

Jimmy Spice Curry–“Occupy Wall Street (Xmas Mix)”

Basement Five–“The Last White Christmas”

Pansy Division–“Homo Christmas”

Information Society–“Xmas at Our House”

Negativland–“Favorite Things”


Vampire Weekend–“Holiday”

The Kinks–“Holiday”

Green Day–“Holiday”

The Sex Pistols–“Holiday in the Sun”

Dead Kennedys–“Holiday in Cambodia”

Money Can’t Buy Music–“Holidays Are Here to Help You”

Ballboy–“Welcome to the New Year”


The Velvet Underground and Nico–“All Tomorrow’s Parties”

Catherine O’Halloran–“After the Party”

White Rabbits–“Dinner Party”

Gang of Four–“I Party All the Time”

Emcee Change–“Molotov Cocktail Party”

Air–“One Hell of a Party (Featuring Jarvis Cocker)”

The B-52s–“Party Out of Bounds”

Hyperbubble–“U.F.O. Beach Party”

The Waterboys–“World Party”


New Order–“Ceremony”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark–“Electricity”

Joy Division–“Transmission”

Pink Martini–“Auld Lang Syne”
January 2, 2014


Pink Martini–“Auld Lang Syne”


Forest Swords–“Ljoss”

Forest Swords–“Irby Tremor”

Forest Swords–“Onward”

Forest Swords–“The Weight of Gold”

Forest Swords–“Anneka’s Battle”

Forest Swords–“Gathering”

Forest Swords–“The Plumes”


Julia Holter–“Maxim’s I”

Julia Holter–“Horns Surrounding Me”

Julia Holter–“Hello Stranger”

Julia Holter–“Maxim’s II”

Julia Holter–“This is a True Heart”


French Films–“White Orchid”

French Films–“Where We Come From”

French Films–“Ridin’ On”

French Films–“Special Shades”

French Films–“Juveniles”

French Films–“99"


Laura Mvula–“Green Garden”

Laura Mvula–“Is There Anybody Out There?”

Laura Mvula–“That’s Alright”

Laura Mvula–“She”

Laura Mvula–“I Don’t Know What the Weather Will Be”


The Munros Featuring David Methven–“Auld Lang Syne”

January 9, 2014


Oneohtrix Point Never–“Boring Angel”


Oneohtrix Point Never–“Americans”

Oneohtrix Point Never–“Zebra”

Oneohtrix Point Never–“Problem Areas”

Oneohtrix Point Never–“Still Life”

Oneohtrix Point Never–“Chrome Country”


Makana–“Ka’ena Dream”

Makana–“Bizarre Love Triangle”


Makana–“Going to California”


Makana–“When I Was a Chile”



Makana–“We Are the Many”


Anna Calvi–“Suddenly”

Anna Calvi–“Eliza”

Anna Calvi–“Piece by Piece”

Anna Calvi–“Cry”

Anna Calvi–“Sing to Me”

Anna Calvi–“Tristan”

Anna Calvi–“One Breath”


World of Twist–“She’s a Rainbow”

Magazine–“Shot By Both Sides”

John Cooper Clarke–“I Don’t Wanna Be Nice”

Buzzcocks–“What Do I Get?”
January 16, 2014


Oneohtrix Point Never–“Boring Angel”


John Grant–“Pale Green Ghosts”

John Grant–“Gmf”

John Grant–“You Don’t Have To”

John Grant–“Sensitive New Age Guy”

John Grant–“I Hate This Town”

John Grant–“Glacier”


Urinals–“I’m a Bug”

The Normals–“Almost Ready”

The Hollywood Squares-“Hillside Strangler”

The Electric Eels–“Agitated”

Pere Ubu–“The Modern Dance”

Randoms–“Let’s Get Rid of New York”

The Bizarros–“Ice Age”

The Zeros–“Wild Weekend”

Tuxedomoon–“Joeboy The Electronic Ghost”

X Blank X–“You’re Full of Shit”

The Flamin’ Groovies–“Dog Meat”

The Deadbeats–“Kill the Hippies”

Theoretical Girls–“U.S. Millie”

The Skunks–“Earthquake Shake”

The Knots–“Action”

Crash Course in Science–“Cakes in the Home”

The Pagans–“Not Now No Way”

Pastiche–“Flash of the Moment”

The Lewd–“Kill Yourself”

Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers–“Chinese Rocks”

Controllers–“Neutron Bomb”


Joy Division–“Means to an End”

Joy Division–“Disorder”

Joy Division–“Isolation”

Joy Division–“She’s Lost Control”


Makana–“We Are Many”

January 23, 2014


We See Lights–“Sing in Your Own Voice”


We See Lights–“My Oh My Oh My”

We See Lights–“I Hope You Like the Smiths”

We See Lights–“Flags”

We See Lights–“Scot’s Poetry”

We See Lights–“Hopeless at Maths”


King Creosote–“Little Man”

King Creosote–“Doubles Underneath”

King Creosote–“Ankle Shackles”

King Creosote–“The Right Form”

King Creosote–“What Exactly Have You Done?”

King Creosote–“On the Night of the Bonfire”

King Creosote–“Going Gone”


Blood Relatives–“Fowl Mouth”

Blood Relatives–“Deerheart”

Blood Relatives–“Dead Hip”

Blood Relatives–“Cold Fish”

Blood Relatives–“Bird Flu”

Blood Relatives–“Duck!”

Blood Relatives–“Cheek by Jowl”

Blood Relatives–“The Spit”


Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj–“Live at the Bongo Club”

We See Lights–“Hopeless at Meths (Homework Remix)”

January 30, 2014


King Creosote–“Ankle Shackles”


Pete Seeger–“He Lies in the American Land”

Pete Seeger–“One Grain of Sand”

Pete Seeger–“Well May the World Go”

Pete Seeger–“Medley: Ode to Joy/Goliath, Goliath”

Pete Seeger–“Tomorrow is a Highway”

Pete Seeger–“Two from Shakespeare: Full Fathom Five/Perchance to Win”

Pete Seeger–“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

Pete Seeger–“Walking Down Death Row”

Pete Seeger–“Turn, Turn, Turn”

Pete Seeger–“King Henry”

Pete Seeger–“Oh, Had I a Golden Thread”

Pete Seeger–“We Shall Overcome”

Pete Seeger–“Arrange & Rearrange”

Pete Seeger–“If I Had a Hammer (Hammer Song) {Live)”


Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj–“Live at the Bongo Club”

Conquering Animal Sound–“Ultimate Heat Death of the Universe”

Eugene Kelly–“Chips and Cheese”

Cora Bissett–“If You Dance With the Devil (You Can’t Really Complain)”

Withered Hand–“Saint Elmo”


Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Days Are Numbered”

Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Ghost of Love”

Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Bright Light Fever”

Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“High Hopes”

Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Queenstown”

Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Not Nervous Anymore”


Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Forget Me Not”

February 6, 2014


The Tiger Lillies–“No Sense (featuring David Coulter)”


The Pictish Trail-“Secret Sound #6"

The Pictish Trail-“Sequels”

The Pictish Trail-“Of Course You Exist”

The Pictish Trail-“The Handstand Crowd”

The Pictish Trail-“Wait Until”

The Pictish Trail-“I’ve Been Set Upon”

The Pictish Trail-“Michael Rocket”

The Pictish Trail-“Secret Sound #7"

The Pictish Trail-“I Will Pour It Down”

The Pictish Trail-“Long in the Tooth”


Trapped Mice–“An Ending”

Trapped Mice–“Mona Lisa”

Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”

Trapped Mice–“Quiet Place”

Trapped Mice–“Cameraman”

Trapped Mice–“Arthur’s Seat”

Trapped Mice–“The Devil Wandered In”


R.M. Hubbert–“Son of Princess, Brother of Rambo”

R.M. Hubbert–“Bolt”

R.M. Hubbert–“Couch Crofting”

R.M. Hubbert–“Tongue Tied & Tone Deaf”

R.M. Hubbert–“Go Slowly”


R.M. Hubbert–“Feedback Loops”

February 13, 2014


Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”


R.M. Hubbert–“For Helen”

R.M. Hubbert–“Dec 11"

R.M. Hubbert–“Buckstacy”

R.M. Hubbert–“Slights”


There Will Be Fireworks–“And Our Hearts Did Beat”

There Will Be Fireworks–“River”

There Will Be Fireworks–“Youngblood”

There Will Be Fireworks–“Here is Where”

There Will Be Fireworks–“Your House is Aglow”

There Will Be Fireworks–“Elder and Oak”

There Will Be Fireworks–“The Good Days”


Saint Max & The Fanatics-“Afraid of Love”

Appletop–“Johnny’s Theme”

Gastric Band–“Brad Shitt”

Kill the Captains–“The Trial”

Super Adventure Club–“9 Times”

Cuddly Shark–“Broken Arm”

Conor Mason–“A Picture of Farewell”

The Douglas Firs–“A Military Farewell”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“Tell the Girl”


Tronics–“How Do You Do Again”

Tronics–“Hard on Me”

Tronics–“The Other Man”


Tronics–“Shark Fucks”

Tronics–“I’m a Diver”

February 20, 2014


Trapped Mice–“Quiet Place”


Grouper–“Vanishing Point [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Jeff & Jayne Hudson–“Mystery Point [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Terrence Dixon–“Lost At Sea (Untitled 3)[Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]"

Jared Wilson–“This Love [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

QX-1–“I Won’t Hurt You [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Roberto Auser–“Eclipse [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Recondite–“Cleric [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Byetone–“Plastic Star [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Kode 9 & Space Ape–“Sine of the Dub [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Hieroglyphic Being–“Imaginary Soundscapes 9 [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]"

Silent Servant–“Invocation [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Inigo Kennedy–“Cathedral [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Hecker–“Bsf°Tyk 5 [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]"

Nurse with Wound–“Ketamineaphonia [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Carter Tutti–“Coolicaon [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Voight & Voight–“Intro Koenig [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Holy Ghost Inc.–“Mad Monks on Zinc [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Deadboy–“Black Reign [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Like a Tin–“Hurt You One More Time [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

The Freeze–“Psychodalek Nightmares [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”

Angel Corpus Christi–“Dream Baby Dream [Optimo (Espacio) Mix–JD Twitch and JG Wilkes]”


Hector Bizerk–“Orchestrate”

Hector Bizerk–“Fingerprints on the Drumkit”

Hector Bizerk–“Welcome to Nowhere”

Hector Bizerk–“Party at A&E”

Hector Bizerk–“Waste Britain”


Hector Bizerk–“Police St8"

February 28, 2014


Hector Bizerk–“Orchestrate”


Hector Bizerk–“Seldom a Word We Don’t Say Too Often”

Hector Bizerk–“An Assortment of Idiots (Shut Your Mouth)”

Hector Bizerk–“Milky Way”

Hector Bizerk–“Columbus”

Hector Bizerk–“My Little Bigots”

Hector Bizerk–“Espange in the Works”

Hector Bizerk–“Adopt a Persona”    


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit (Produced by Sun Dogs)”

Loki–“Washed Up (Produced by Konchis)”

Loki–“Jump (Produced by Konchis)”

Loki–“What Time is it in Melbourne? (Produced by Toni Smoke)”

Loki–“Focus (Produced by Scatabrainz)”

Loki–“Slurs (Produced by Sun Dogs)”

Loki–“Loki’s the Name (Produced by Sace)”


MOG–“No Grave (Featuring Bang Dirty)”

MOG–“The War (Featuring the #9s)”

MOG–“Trying to Forget (Featuring Scatabrainz)”

MOG–“True Colours”

MOG–“Outlaw (Murder)”

MOG–“Wade Away (Featuring Wardie Burns, Sacre Noir)”

MOG–“Don’t Know Why (Featuring Tragic O’Hara)”

MOG–“Stop Me Now”

MOG–“Purgatory (Featuring Bang Dirty)”


Hector Bizerk–“Welcome to Nowhere”

Ballboy–“A Day in Space”

March 6, 2014


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit (Produced by Sun Dogs)”



Gasp–“A Girl Called Debt”

Gasp–“The End of the Road (Featuring MOG, Respek BA and Physics)”

Gasp–“Steve What?”

Gasp–“The Silence”



Wardie Burns and UVBeatz—“Intro”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“life That I lead”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“Burgh Murder”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“Mummy’s Boy”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“Burgh Boy”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“Vagabonds (Featured Werd)”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“Dad’s Gone”


Stanley Odd–“This is Stanley Odd”

Stanley Odd–“Antiheroics”

Stanley Odd–“Will the Last One Out Please Turn Out the Light”

Stanley Odd–“Carry Me Home”

Stanley Odd–“Get Out Ma Headspace”

Stanley Odd–“Marriage Counselling”

Stanley Odd–“I Don’t Believe You”

Stanley Odd–“Day 3"


Werd (SOS)–“Find My-Sell”

Werd (SOS)–“Vagabonds Part 2 (Featuring Wardie Burns)”

Werd (SOS)–“No Romeo (Featuring MOG)”

Werd (SOS)–“The Whistle Song”

Werd (SOS)–“Platform (Featuring Conscious Route, Nity Gritz)”


Loki–“Loki’s the Name (Produced by Sace)”

Ballboy–“I Hate Scotland”
March 13, 2014


Barleyjuice–“Weekend Irish”


Runrig–“Clash of the Ash”

Black 47–“Uncle Jim”

Pat McGuire–“You’re So Beautiful”

The Waterboys–“Savage Earth Heart (Live from Glastonbury)”

John Spillane–“Buile Me Chroi (The Beat of My Heart)”

Celtic Cross–“22"

Peatbog Faeries–“Wacko King Hako”

Blaggards–“Irish Rover”

Garrahan’s Ghost–“Sullivan’s Lake (The Flood)”

Shilelagh Law–“Meet Me on McLean”

Hothouse Flowers–“Sí Do Mhamo Í”


The Waterboys–“The Hosting of the Shee”

The Waterboys–“Song of the Wandering Aengus”

The Waterboys–“News for the Delphic Oracle”

The Waterboys–“A Full Moon in March”

The Waterboys–“Sweet Dancer”

The Waterboys–“White Birds”

The Waterboys–“The Lake Isle of Innisfree”

The Waterboys–“Mad as Mist and Snow”

The Waterboys–“Before the World Was Made”

The Waterboys–“September 1913"

The Waterboys–“An Irish Airman Foresees His Death”

The Waterboys–“Politics”

The Waterboys–“Let the Earth Bear Witness”


The Waterboys–“The Faery’s Last Song”

March 20, 2014


Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”


Oneohtrix Point Never–“Boring Angel”

Forest Swords–“Ljoss”

R.M. Hubbert–“Couch Crofting”

Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj–“Live at the Bongo Club”

John Grant–“Pale Green Ghosts”

Tronics–“Hard On Me”


We See Lights–“Flags”

French Films–“Ridin’ On”

There Will Be Fireworks–“River”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Afraid of Love”

Chris Devotion and the Expectations–“Tell the Girl”

King Creosote–“Going Gone”


Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire–“Forget Me Not”

The Pictish Trail–“The Handstand Crowd”

Blood Relatives-“Fowl Mouth”

Appletop–“Johnny’s Theme”

Laura Mvula–“That’s Alright”

Makana–“We Are the Many”


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit”

Wardie Burns and UVBeatz–“The Burgh Boy”

Hector Bizerk–“Police St8"

Stanley Odd–“Marriage Counselling”

MOG–“Purgatory (Featuring Bang Dirty)”


Werd (SOS)–“The Whistle Song”


Trapped Mice–“Quiet Place”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

March 27, 2014


Withered Hand–“Horseshoe”


Withered Hand–“King of Hollywood”

Withered Hand–“California”

Withered Hand–“Fall Apart”

Withered Hand–“Between True Love and Ruin”

Withered Hand–“Life of Doubt”

Withered Hand–“New Gods”

Withered Hand–“Heart Heart”


Esperanza–“Where You Gonna Go?”

Three Card Trick–“The Sauchiehall Street Shuffle”

Ernest–“Paris Rain”

Esperanza–“Be Brave”

Rose Room–“I’ll See You in My Dreams”

Rose Room–“Dark Eyes”

The Cahoots–“Drinking with the Angels”

Dr. Cook and the Boners–“Hoochie Coochie Man”

The Vagabonds–“Baby What Do You Want Me to Do?”

Dr. Cook and the Alligators–“See You Later Alligator”


PAWS–“Catherine 1956"


PAWS–“Sore Tummy”


Withered Hand–“Not Alone”

April 3, 2014


Withered Hand–“New Gods”


PAWS–“Catherine 1956"


PAWS–“Sore Tummy”

PAWS–“Get Bent”

PAWS–“Miss American Bookworm”

PAWS–“Winners Don’t Bleed”

PAWS–“Poor Old Christopher Robin”


Meursault–“Game of Pricks”

Meursault–“Dearly Distracted”

Meursault–“Dinosaur Act”

Meursault–“He Was a Friend of Mine”

Meursault–“No Children”

Meursault–“One Day This’ll All Be Fields”

Meursault–“Whole Wide World”


Meursault–“A Kind of Cure”

Meursault–“Rabid Bits of Time”

Meursault–“I’ll Believe in Anything”

Meursault–“Poor Old Christopher Robin”

Meursault–“Fare Thee Well”

Meursault–“Was Ist Das?”

Meursault–“Asleep and Dreaming”

Meursault–“Candle in the Wind (Including the Theme from Dr. Who)”

Meursault–“Thou Shalt Always Kill”


Withered Hand–“Between True Love and Ruin”

April 10, 2014


Withered Hand–“California”


Alasdair Roberts and Friends–“The Fairfield Crane”

Raymond MacDonald and Friends–“Jefferson and Liberty”

Glasgow Madrigirls–“Crow on the Cradle”

Nick Fells–“Caristiona”

David Rovics–“Everything Can Change”

Kim Moore–“Shout”

Alistair Hulett–“The Internationale”


The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“A Festive Song”

The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“Connolly Was There”

The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“A Rebel Song”

The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“When Labor Calls”

The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“James Connolly the Irish Rebel”

The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“The Red Flag”

The James Connolly Songs of Freedom Band–“Where Is James Connolly?”


Randolph’s Leap–“I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore”

Randolph’s Leap–“The Nonsense in My Soul”

Randolph’s Leap–“Dying in My Sleep”

Randolph’s Leap–“Cassie O’Tone”

Randolph’s Leap–“The Will to Shave”

Randolph’s Leap–“Falling in Love”

Randolph’s Leap–“Suitable”

Randolph’s Leap–“Weatherman”

Randolph’s Leap–“Goodbye”

Randolph’s Leap–“Please Don’t Belong”


Withered Hand–“Life of Doubt”

April 17, 2014


Withered Hand–“Heart Heart”


The Phantom Band–“A Glamour”

The Phantom Band–“Everybody Knows It’s True”

The Phantom Band–“The None of One”

The Phantom Band–“Mr. Natural”

The Phantom Band–“Come Away in the Dark”

The Phantom Band–“Into the Corn”

The Phantom Band–“Goodnight Arrow”


Kama Aina–“Theme of Raft (from the Silver Screen)”

Kama Aina–“The Coo Coo Bird 1"

Kama Aina–“Carry Me On (Radio Orca Mix)”

Kama Aina–“Wa Wa (Cover Version, for Lizzy)”

Kama Aina–“Cecilia Ros”

Kama Aina–“Wedding Suite”

Kama Aina–“Foot”

Kama Aina–“Karen Mok”

Kama Aina–“Theme of Raft”


Gav Prentice–“King George”

Gav Prentice–“Give It Up”

Gav Prentice–“Burning Down”

Gav Prentice–“Square Mile”

Gav Prentice–“Coatbridge 1967"

Gav Prentice–“How Are You Sleeping”

Gav Prentice–“Ae Fond Kiss”


Over the Wall–“A History of British Welfarism, 1945-1984"

April 24, 2014


The Phantom Band–“A Glamour”


Cuddly Shark–“Spmg”

Cuddly Shark–“Overpriced”

Cuddly Shark–“Broken Arm”

Cuddly Shark–“Body Mass Index”

Cuddly Shark–“Pull the Finger Out”


Collar Up–“Short Term Memories”

Collar Up–“Every Man for Themselves”

Collar Up–“A Jam Jar Full of Wasps”

Collar Up–“They’re Eating Off Our Plate”

Collar Up–“I Wanted to Hurt You”

Collar Up–“Pay the Cost and Drive On”


Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Soul Surrender”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Afraid of Love”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Let Em Have it Sunshine”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Conduit”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“T-shirt”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Sadsong”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“She Sings a Lovely Lullaby”


The Royal We–“All the Rage”

The Royal We–“Three is a Crowd”

The Royal We–“I Hate Rock N Roll”

The Royal We–“Willy”

The Royal We–“Wicked Game”


Three Blind Wolves–“Edgar’s Church”

Three Blind Wolves–“I Will Put You in the Ground”

Three Blind Wolves–“When the Garden Gets Near”


The Phantom Band-“Into the Corn”

May 1, 2014


Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Soul Surrender”


Glasvegas–“Later . . . When the TV Turns to Static”


Glasvegas–“Secret Truth”

Franz Ferdinand–“Evil Eye”

Franz Ferdinand–“Bullet”

Franz Ferdinand–“The Universe Expanded”


Tom Davis–“Wind in Sail”

Ben TD–“Theory of Flight”

Calum Macdonald–“Greenfingers”

Louis, Sarah and Gordon–“Four Bulbs (Alternative Version)”

Kevin Young–“Odetta Couldn’t Die”

Scott and Mike–“Let Go”

Louise and Richard Hendry–“Sunset & Rise”

Mark Rafferty–“Creepy Kind of Love”


Adrian Crowley and James Yorkston–“My Yoke is Heavy”

Adrian Crowley and James Yorkston–“The Sun Shines Down on Me”

Adrian Crowley and James Yorkston–“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances”

Adrian Crowley and James Yorkston–“Walking the Cow”


The Spook School–“Devil of Mine”

The Spook School–“Are You Who You Think You Are?”

The Spook School–“The Cameraman”

The Spook School–“I Don’t Know”

The Spook School–“I’ll Be Honest”


Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Afraid of Love”

The Buzzcocks–“Harmony in My Head”

Gang of Four–“I Found that Essence Rare”

The Buzzcocks–“Something’s Gone Wrong Again”

Gang of Four–“Damaged Goods”

The Buzzcocks–“What Do I Get?”

Franz Ferdinand–“Michael”
May 8, 2014


Calum MacDonald–“Greenfingers”


Stanley Odd–“Did Yi Hear?”

Stanley Odd–“Establishment”

Stanley Odd–“Chase Yirsel”

Stanley Odd–“Let Ma Brain Breathe”

Stanley Odd–“Carry Me Home (Live with the Electric String Orchestra)”


Washington Irving–“Wandering Wits”

Washington Irving–“Holy Company”

Washington Irving–“She Moved Through the Fair”

Washington Irving–“Palomides”

Washington Irving–“The Duel”

Washington Irving–“Bealach–an-Righ”

Mogwai–“Heard About You Last Night”



Mogwai–“Master Card”


Mogwai–“No Medicine for Regret”

Mogwai–“The Lord is Out of Control”


Cancel the Astronauts–“Animal Love Match”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Intervention”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Love Backwards”


Cancel the Astronauts–“Lekking”

May 15, 2014


Extra Fancy–“Sinnerman”


Cancel the Astronauts–“Animal Love Match”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Intervention”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Love Backwards”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Lekking”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Promises of Strangers”

Cancel the Astronauts–“While I Was Sleeping”

Cancel the Astronauts–“Catch You If I Can”

Cancel the Astronauts–“I Sold My Soul (And This is All I Got)”


Jo Mango–“The Black Sun”

Jo Mango–“The Moth and the Moon”

Jo Mango–“Ludwig”

Jo Mango–“Kingdom”

Jo Mango–“Every Certainty”

Jo Mango–“Cordelia”


Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson-“A Fall of Sleet”

Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson–“Farewell to the Fowler”

Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson–“The White-Handled Knife”

Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson–“The Plain of Spells”

Alasdair Roberts and Robin Robertson–“Exodus”


Randolph’s Leap–“I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore”

Randoph’s Leap–“Weatherman”

May 22, 2014


Randolph’s Leap–“I Can’t Dance to this Music Anymore”


Friends in America–“What it is to Be”

The Son(s)–“Count Your Feet (Version)”

Friends in America–“Quietly, Quietly”

Randolph’s Leap–“Foolishness of Youth”

Randolph’s Leap–“Light of the Moon”

Randolph’s Leap–“Saxophone”

Randolph’s Leap–“Microcosm”

Randolph’s Leap–“Hermit”


Eagulls–“Nerve Endings”

Eagulls–“Hollow Visions”

Eagulls–“Tough Luck”




Eagulls–“Soulless Youth”


Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“Talk About the Weather”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“Hand on Heart”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“Hollow Eyes”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“This Today”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“Sometimes”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“Strange Dream”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“Take it All”

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry–“He’s Read”


We Were Frontiers–“Night Terrors”

We Were Frontiers–“Glorious Days”

We Were Frontiers–“Madness of July”

We Were Frontiers–“Devil’s Type”

May 29, 2014


Battle Lines, “Colonies”


Joe Banfi, “Guts and Bones”

Joe Banfi, “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

Joe Banfi, “See You at Home”

Joe Banfi, “Iron”

Joe Banfi, “Nomads”

Joe Banfi, “Family”

Joe Banfi, “Olive Green”

Joe Banfi, “Oarsmen”


Heart-Ships, “Five Forks of Lightning”

Heart-Ships, “Pinhole of Light”

Heart-Ships, “Air Balloon”

Department M, “Visitor”

Department M, “pHARMACY” 

Department M, “J-Hop”

Department M, “The Second Prize”

Department M, “Sleepwalker”


Black Wire, “God of Traffic”

Black Wire, “Attack Attack Attack”

Black Wire, “Smoke and Mirrors”

Black Wire, “800 Million Heartbeats”

Black Wire, “The Face”


Low Duo, “Who?”

Low Duo, “If I Could Have Total Control of Everything You Do”

Low Duo, “Weather Send Me Home”

Low Duo, “Hollow Eyes”

Low Duo, “Moments Before the Fall”

Low Duo, “Keys Inside the Door”


Battle Lines, “Push”

Kaiser Chiefs, “I Predict a Riot”

Joy Division, “Novelty”
June 5, 2014


British Sea Power–“Man of Aran”

British Sea Power–“The South Sound”

British Sea Power–“Come Wander With Me”

British Sea Power–“Tiger King”

British Sea Power–“The Currach”

British Sea Power–“Boy Vertiginous”

British Sea Power–“Spearing the Sunfish”

British Sea Power–“Conneely of the West”

British Sea Power–“The North Sound”

British Sea Power–“Woman of Aran”

British Sea Power–“It Comes Back Again”

British Sea Power–“No Man is an Archipelago”


Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra–“Fuck Off Get Free (For the Island of Montreal)”

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra–“Austerity Blues”

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra–“Take Away These Early Grave Blues”

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra–“Little Ones Run”

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra–“What We Loved Was Not Enough”


Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra–“Rains Thru the Roof at Thee Grande Ballroom (for Capital Steez)”
June 12, 2014


Mogwai–“Black Spider”


Mogwai–“Terrific Speech 2"

Mogwai–“Wake Up and Go Berserk”

Mogwai–“Terrific Speech”


Mogwai–“Half Time”

Mogwai–“I Do Have Weapons”

Mogwai–“Time and a Half”

Mogwai–“It Would Have Happened Anyway”

Mogwai–“Black Spider 2"


Mogwai–“Mexican Grand Prix”


Mogwai–“Hungry Face”


Mogwai–“Earth Division”

Mogwai–“We’re No Here”

Mogwai–“The Lord is Out of Control”

Mogwai–“Auto Rock”


Mogwai–“This Messiah Needs Watching”

June 19, 2014


The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Workhouse”


The Pauper’s Path Company–“Let Us In”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“This is the Workhouse/You Can’t Have That”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Time”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Locks and Bolts”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Turn That Mill”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Fire Against the Cold”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Long Ago and Far Away”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Free At Last”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Who?”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“My Child”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Workhouse Child (Part One)/Work! Work! When’s It Gonna Stop?”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Industry, Usefulness, Virtue”


The Pauper’s Path Company–“In Their Eyes”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Vagrant’s Song”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Union (Part One)”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Do You Remember?”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“A Jolly Good Job”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“That’s My Story”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Down Among the Dead Men”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Union (Part Two)”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Workhouse Child (Part Two)”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Is That You?”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“No One Saw Me”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“Where Shall I Go?”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“My Home”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Path to Hope”

The Pauper’s Path Company–“The Pauper’s Path”


Ewan MacColl and Company–“Bring the Summer Home”


Gang of Four–“Natural’s Not In It”

Wall of Voodoo–“Longarm”

June 26, 2014


Darlene Lewis–“Let the Music (Lift You Up) (Reese Inner City Club Mix)”


Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang–“Reach (Kenny Dope Remix)”

Love Tribe–“Stand Up (Narcotic Mix)”

Reese Project–“Colour of Love (Reese Deep Mix)”

The Sound Factory–“Cuban Gigolo (Original Mix)”

Landlord Featuring Dex–“I Like It (Blow Out Dub)”

De-lite Featuring Osca Child–“Wild Times (Mayday Mix)”

Seduction–“(You’re My One and Only) True Love (New York House Mix)”

Sweet Exorcist–“Testone”

Nitro Deluxe–“Let’s Get Brutal (This Brutal House)”

Circuit Featuring Koffi–“Shelter Me (The Helter Skelter Mix)”

Oranges Lemon–“Dreams of Santa Anna”

The Minutemen–“Bingo Bongo (Loops)”

Rio Rhythm Band–“Carnival De Casa”

Black Riot–“A Day in the Life”

X-Press 2–“Muzik Xpress”

S.O.U.L. System–“It’s Gonna Be a Lovely Day”


Man Ray–“Numbers”

New Order–“Fine Time (Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley Mix)”

Kevin Saunderson–“The Groove that Won’t Stop (Detroit Special Mix)”

The Stone Roses–“Made of Stone (808 State Remix)”

Happy Mondays–“Kinky Afro (Euro Mix)”

Rhythim is Rhythim–“Strings of Life”

Moby–“Go (Woodtick Remix)”

Robin S–“Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)"


FPI Project–“Everybody (All Over the World)”

July 3, 2014


Cabaret Voltaire–“Split Second Feeling”


Bob Butler and the Kelham Island Singers–“Singing in the May”

The Kelham Island Singers–“The Padstow Drinking Song”

Peter Smith and the Kelham Island Singers–“Lovers and Friends”

Jenny Reid and the Kelham Island Singers–“The Dancing”

Paul and Liz Davenport along with the Kelham Island Singers–“Bring Out the Banners”


Silverwheel–“Cold Haily Windy Night”

Rackaback–“The 3 Firs/Gerry the Frog”

Glorystrokes–“Skipping Through Vanilla/Bar Room Brawl”

Box of Shivers–“Vas y Mimile/The Clint Eastwood Waltz”




Durango 95–“Feeling Small”

Rootfish–“Let it Out”

Giropanic–“Deep Blue Sea”

Psychoacoustic Soundclash–“Rotordub”


Richard Hawley–“She Brings the Sunlight”

Richard Hawley–“Standing on the Sky’s Edge”

Richard Hawley–“Down in the Woods”

Richard Hawley–“The Wood Collier’s Grave”

Richard Hawley–“Leave Your Body Behind You”


The Crookes–“Don’t Put Your Faith in Me”

The Crookes–“Echolalia”

The Crookes–“Holy Innocents”

The Crookes–“Outsiders”

The Crookes–“When You’re Fragile”


The Human League–“Seconds”

The Human League–“Don’t You Want Me”

July 10, 2014


John Carpenter and Alan Howarth–“The Duke Arrives: the Barricade–The President at the Train (12" re-edit)” [From Soundtrack, Escape from New York]


John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Main Title”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Napoleon Wilson”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Street Thunder”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Division 13"

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Ice Cream Man on Edge”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Wrong Flavour”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Emergency Stop”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Lawson’s Revenge”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Sanctuary”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Second Wave”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: The Windows”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Julie”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Well’s Fight”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: To the Basement”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Walking Out”

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Soundtrack: Assault on Precinct 13"


The Phantom Band–“The Wind that Cried the World”

The Phantom Band–“Clapshot”

The Phantom Band–“Doom Patrol”

The Phantom Band–“(Invisible) Friends”

The Phantom Band–“Galápagos”


Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“Moulding of a Fool”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“D.I.Y.”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“One Man’s England”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“What Have We Become”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“The Snowman”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“Costa Del Sombre”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“I Am Not a Muse”

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott–“When I Get Back to Blighty”


The Horrors–“Chasing Shadows”

The Horrors–“So Now You Know”


The Horrors–“Sea within a Sea”

Last Updated: July 11, 2014