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 Featuring progressive music of protest, struggle, resistance, rebellion, revolt, and transformation; classic post-punk and new wave; and contemporary indie rock, indie pop, indie folk, indie folk rock, and indie electronica, especially from Scotland and England.  

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Season One: July 21, 2005 to July 13, 2006, Shows #1 through #52

Season Two: July 20, 2006 to July 12, 2007, Shows #53 through #104

Season Three: July 19, 2007 through July 10, 2008, Shows #105 through #156

Season Four: July 17, 2008 through July 9, 2009, Shows #157 through #208

Season Five: July 16, 2009 through July 8, 2010, Shows #209 through #260

Season Six: July 15, 2010 through July 7, 2011, Shows #261 through #312

Season Seven: July 14, 2011 through July 12, 2012, Shows #313 through #365

Season Eight: July 19, 2012 through July 11, 2013, Shows #366 through #417

Season Nine: July 18, 2013 through July 10, 2014, Shows #418 through #469

Season Ten, July 17, 2014 through July 9, 2015, Shows #470 through #521

Season Eleven, July 16, 2015 through July 7, 2016, Shows #522 through #573

Season Twelve, July 14, 2016 through July 6, 2017, Shows #574 through #625

Playlists, Season Thirteen,
Starting on Thursday July 13, 2017,
From Show #626 Onward Listed Below

July 13, 2017


Mas Ysa–“Face”


Jens Lenkman–“Your Laugh”

Nap Eyes–“Your Samples, Our Obsession”

The Mountain Goats–“Etruscans”

Minus the Bear–“Dinosaur”

Strand of Oaks–“I Know YOU know You’re Evil”

Protomartyr–“Sweeney Ashtray”

Made of Oak–“Vacuum Life”

Iron Reagan–“Dark Days Again”


Into It. Over It.–“Bergen-Belsen, November 8, 2016"

Mitski–“Fireproof (One Direction Cover)”

Sean Watkins–“Kool Aid”

Todd Slant and the JCW–“Moonlight, or Flashlight”

Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg–“Foreign Lander”

Jen Cloher–“Kinda Biblical”

Jacky Winter Featuring Amanda Roff–“I Pay My Taxes”

Briana Marela–“There is a War (Cover)”


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah–“Visiting Hours (Alternate Version)”

Glen Hansard–“Vigilante Men”

Julianna Barwick–“Wade In”


Terry Allen–“Stroll”

Okkervil River–“Denomination Blues”

Steve Gunn–“Shrunken Heads”

Jonathan Rado–“Surgeonman”


Gilligan Moss–“U Ruined It”

How to Dress Well–“Strong Enuff”

Beach Fossils–“Silver Tongue”

Kevin Morby–“Bag of Rats”

David Bazan–“The Devil in His Youth (Protomatyr Cover)”

Jay Som–“Turn the Other Cheek”

Waxahatchee–“Silver (Demo)”

Phosphorescent–“This Land is Your Land”

July 20, 2017


New Order–“True Faith”


Public Service Broadcasting–“Every Valley”

Public Service Broadcasting–“The Pit”

Public Service Broadcasting–“People Will Always Need Coal”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Progress (Featuring Tracyanne Campbell)”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Go to the Road”

Public Service Broadcasting–“All Out”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Turn No More (Featuring James Dean Bradfield)”

Public Service Broadcasting–“They Gave Me a Lamp (Featuring Haiku Salut)”

Public Service Broadcasting–“You + Me (Featuring Lisa Jêm Brown)”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Mother of the Village”

Public Service Broadcasting–“Take Me Home”


Sacred Paws–“Nothing”

Sacred Paws–“Rest”

Sacred Paws–“Everyday”

Sacred Paws–“Empty Body”

Sacred Paws–“Wet Graffiti”

Sacred Paws–“Strike a Match”

Sacred Paws–“Stars”

Sacred Paws–“Ride”

Sacred Paws–“Voice”

Sacred Paws–“Getting Old”


Joy Division–“Decades”

Joy Division–“New Dawn Fades”

Public Service Broadcasting–“The Pit”

Joy Division–“Insight”

Joy Division–“Isolation”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

Joy Division–“Transmission”

New Order–“Confusion”

Last Updated: July 21, 2017