Mercury in the Environment and Water Supply




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Reducing Mercury in the Environment


Mercury is an element that evaporates very easily. It enters the atmospheres and is able to travel long distances and deposit anywhere. Reducing the mercury in the environment can be achieved if we all do our part. Mercury is prohibited in inks, dyes, pigments, paints and packaging products.

Also mercury from thermometers, household appliances, and medical equipment are some of the things that must be recycled properly. Consumers can avoid these mercury-containing products and properly recycle them to help keep mercury out of the environment. In Wisconsin there are several businesses to contact if there are questions as to how to recycle fluorescent lights.


Pierce County Solid Waste Dept
707 North Maple Street
Ellsworth, WI - 54011
Pierce County

Hayward Recycling Inc.
Rte. 8, Box 8215
Hayward, WI - 54843
Sawyer County

For information on General Mercury Legislation refer to Chapter NR 446 of the DNR