Reasons For Fluoridation

Fewer Cavities and  Less Tooth Decay:






*Fluoride works after protrusion of teeth and during tooth development. So, as children are a main concern regarding the fluoridation adults also have to be worried about the health of their teeth- tooth decay doesn't stop once you are no longer a kid!

*Maintaining a good balance of fluoride in saliva and plaque will prevent cavities and tooth decay

•*Studies between children exposed to fluoridated water sources, and those not expose, have shown that fluoridation results in a 40% reduction of cavity occurrence
•*The same has been done, but with adults, and a 35% reduction in cavity occurrence has been seen

*The Key is; “right amount, right place and time,” which water fluoridation accomplishes.




•* Without fluoridation of a community water source, fluoride drops, tablets or rinses are requires as fluoridation alternatives.


•*These methods can become costly and time consuming, and also fail to include community members who don't have the financial resources or ability to access alternative methods of fluoridation. Community fluoridation is inclusive of all ages, and all socioeconomic circumstances.