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How much does aerobic treatment cost?

"The cost of aerobic treatment varies depending on factors, such as design, size, location, and operation and maintenance requirements. Some of the factors affecting the cost of aerobic treatment are as follows:

  • unit price
  • cost of unit installation and electricians' fees
  • cost of construction of the drainfield or cost of other method of additional treatment if required
  • cost of electricity (per year)
  • maintenance service contract fee (per year)
  • cost of disinfection (if applicable)

The price of some of these factors, such as unit price, may be adversely affected by the lack of demand for aerobic systems in certain areas. Installation costs may be higher for aerobic units than for septic tanks because of the electrical work required. All of these factors need to be carefully considered when determining the cost-effectiveness of aerobic treatment versus other treatment methods. Your local health official can help you evaluate your options."

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Created 12/08/04