Research Interests

As an applied researcher involved in "action research," I am primarily interested in working with law enforcement officials, school administrators, and juvenile justice practitioners to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies to address problems in their communities. Most of my efforts focus on youth violence prevention and control, including evaluating community interventions aimed at adolescent offenders and seeking to identify the causes and consequences of youth violence.

For example, I have been involved in evaluating four programs in Michigan aimed at serious and violent juvenile offenders under the age of 14. In examining these initiatives, I learned about the importance of dealing with youth from the perspective of multiple domains, particularly the family. My first book, "The Family Context of Childhood Delinquency" argues that in order to effectively address delinquency, especially among pre-adolescent youth, prevention and intervention efforts must incorporate a family-based perspective.

Since 2001, I have been focused on adolescent Internet use, with particular interest in cyberbullying, online social networking, and sexting. Sameer Hinduja (Florida Atlantic University) and I have surveyed over 15,000 middle and high school students, as well as parents, teachers, and law enforcement officers for the purpose of better undestanding what teens are doing online and what we can do to prevent and more effectively respond to problem behaviors.

Dr. Hinduja and I have written 5 books and numerous academic and professional articles on teen behaviors online. We co-direct the Cyberbullying Research Center (, an information clearinghouse for parents, teachers, researchers, and others concerned about adolescent aggression carried out online. We conduct workshops and presentations for parents, teachers, and students about the safe and responsible use of technology across the United States and abroad.

If you would like a copy of any of the papers listed on my vitae, just email me. I also have a number of other papers in various stages of publication. If you are interested in any of the topics listed above, again, feel free to email me.

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