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Finding Center: Building Identity and Confidence in Girls' and Womens' Lives

New Horizon Press, 2007.


Finding Center Cover

Today's females in America are equipped with a "you go girl" attitude and given opportunities that were not extended to their mothers. However, amid this world of dramatically different experiences, girls and young women are not taught to negotiate these new horizons in the face of persisting false and debilitating stigmas. At school, in the community, and on the job, women are still seen as sexual objects and secondary players. Finding Center draws upon the contemporary circumstances that affect the lives of girls and young women and provides up-to-date information and empowering tools to transform external pressures into internal strengths. Chapters include "Alcohol in the Family," "New Age Schooling," and the final chapter, "A Beautiful Girl — A Beautiful Woman," which dispels the idea of popular beauty standards and provides readers with an internal standard of value.

Packed with powerful information and presented in a easy to read style, Finding Center instructs women in the art of centering themselves and developing confidence by building a better sense of identity from within, leaving the fad of the dissatisfied princess behind in her castle and forging the trend of women who value themselves.

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Women of Madeline Island

Women of Madeline Island Cover

New Past Press , 2006.


This is the true story of four strong culture challenging women leaders and teachers who lived in the rugged Lake Superior region. Women selected include Ozhahguscodaywayquay, an Ojibwa woman and her daughter, Jane Johnston Schoolcraft whose lives connect directly to Longfellow’s poem, Song of Hiawatha. Also included are English born Emma Mansel Johnson and American born Agnes Windt Cadotte whose stories reflect the power of the female spirit in exploring and moving beyond the comfort of a woman’s own family norms and traditions. The author concludes the story using biographical fiction license to bring these four women from different time periods together for an afternoon at the foot of Lake Superior to discuss their lives and the lives of girls and women in general.

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Nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
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The Psychosocial Features of Effective Mentors for Girls and Young Women

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