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Yan Li

Fields of Concentration

Primary:   Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics and Financial Economics

Secondary: Economic Development and Transition; Risk Management (Actuarial Science)


Recent Publications

M. DaCosta & Li, Y. (2017). Entrepreneurship and Income Inequality in China. Journal of Business Diversity, forthcoming.

Li, Y. & M. DaCosta. (2016). The Enterprise Reforms and Entrepreneurial Development in China. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, Vol. 21 (2), 151 - 173.

Li, Y. & M. DaCosta. (2013). Transportation and Income Inequality in China: 1978-2007. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 55, 56-71;

Li, Y. (2012). Contesting Consumption and Economics. Review of Social Economy, Vol. 70 (3), 381-385;

Li, Y. (2011). Limited Participation, Labor Market Search and Liquidity Effects. Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 15 (2), 201-222, (PDF file);

Li, Y. & W. Carroll. (2011). The Payment Mechanisms and Liquidity Effects. Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 33, 656-667, (PDF file);

Li, Y. (2011). Review of Money, Uncertainty and Time. Review of Social Economy, Vol. 69 (3), 406-409;

Li, Y. & C. Thompson. (2010). A Reappraisal of Trade Deficit and Income Inequality in the United States. International Journal of Economics and Finance, V2(1), 29-39, (PDF);

Li, Y. & X. Fang. (2010). A Reappraisal of the Exchange Rate Determination: a Liquidity Approach. International Business Research, Vol. 3 (4), 50-59, (PDF file);  

Li, Y. (2009). The Theory of Fiat Money and Private Money as Alternative Media of Exchange. International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 18, 568-582, (PDF file);

Li, Y. & X. Fang. (2001). New Features of Multinational Firms¨ R&D Strategies in China. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, Social Sciences Edition, (1), 68-71;


Other Publications

M. DaCosta & Li, Y. (2012). Regional Analysis of Entrepreneurship in China. Proceedings of 15th Uddevalla Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Networks, Faro, Portugal;

Li, Y. & J. Dong. (2000). Outsourcing and Multinational Firms¨ R&D Strategies in Emerging Markets. Proceedings of International Conference on Management Science and   Engineering, Beijing, China.



Working Papers

Li, Y. (2015). Alternative Payment Mechanisms and the Liquidity Effects, under review,;

Li, Y. (2015). Liquidity and Exchange Rate Dynamics in a Small Open Economy;

Li, Y. (2015). The Liquidity Effects and Means of Payment in a Model of Segmented Markets;

Li, Y. & R. Goodrich. (2014). Health Care Costs in Wisconsin: Trends, Sources and Policy Implications;

Li, Y. & W. Carroll & X. Fang. (2014). A Study on American Minority Women;


Work in Progress

Li, Y. & J. Zhang. (2012). Measuring the Openness of Chinese Information Services Industry;

Li, Y. (2009). Income Inequality and Trade Deficits: a Cross-country Analysis;

Li, Y. (2008). Studies on the Family Planning Law and the Elderly Dilemma in China;

Li, Y. & X. Fang. (2007). Son Preferences and Missing Girls: the Demographic Trend in China.