Environmental Hazards
Storm Surge Induced Flooding in New Orleans

Chris Below, Chris Dierich, Keith Erickson, and Rachel Kjos




What is a Storm Surge?

What Happened During Hurricane Katrina?

Why New Orleans is Vulnerable?

The Future of New Orleans

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What Happened During
Hurricane Katrina?

The storm surges that occurred in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina were 8 meters high. The storm surges caused New Orleans pumping stations to flood out and shut down. Which meant no drainage for the city and the people were left helpless.

Source: http://chattablogs.com/quintus/new_orleans1.jpg

The channels and canals in and around the city of New Orleans were not properly designed or prepared for the amount of water Hurricane Katrina would bring through them. New Orleans channels and canals did not have sea gates placed on them to keep the surges from flowing deep into the city. Also the channels through the city come together and it created a funneling affect, were water from two channels connected and flowed into one creating massive amounts of water in one channel.

Source: http://www.spaceimaging.com/gallery/hurricanes2005/katrina/NewOrleans/NewOrleans1.jpg

Satellite Images of before and after Hurricane Katrina

Source: http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/126535main_neworleans_flood_0831.jpg

New Orleans Flood Map: http://mapper.cctechnol.com/floodmap.php