Environmental Hazards
Storm Surge Induced Flooding in New Orleans

Chris Below, Chris Dierich, Keith Erickson, and Rachel Kjos




What is a Storm Surge?

What Happened During Hurricane Katrina?

Why New Orleans is Vulnerable?

The Future of New Orleans

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Welcome to our webpage! This page was designed for an Environmental Hazards course [Geography 361] at the Universtiy of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. In class we formed small groups and gave a series of presentations on various topics. Our chossen topic was Storm Surge Induced Flooding, focusing on Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans area.

The following pages include our Abract, which was submitted prior to an in class presentation. Additional pages include a backgroud of storm surge, a description of what actually happened in New Orleans, some reasons why New Orleans is so vulnerable to this hazard, and what the future of New Orleans holds.

Since this is such a new and at the moment topic, we've also included recent articles from the news to keep our readers up to date with information. These can be found on the Additional Resources page, under "Some Interesting Articles." There are also many other sources of information on the said page, including Hurricane Katrina footage, hurricane preventative measures, and our PowerPoint slideshow from our in class presentation.

We hope you find this website informative and helpful when learning about Storm surge and the New Orleans area.

If you have any questions contact: Rachel Kjos

Last update: May 7, 2006