Hazard Map of Landslides in the U.S.





top Low (less than 1.5% of area involved)
Moderate (1.5%-15% of area involved)
High (greater than 15% of area involved)


bottom Moderate susceptibility/low incidence
High susceptibility/low incidence
High susceptibility/moderate incidence


Susceptibility not indicated where same or lower than incidence. Susceptibility to landsliding was defined as the probable degree of response of [the areal] rocks and soils to natural or artificial cutting or loading of slopes, or to anomalously high precipitation. High, moderate, and low susceptibility are delimited by the same percentages used in classifying the incidence of landsliding. Some generalization was necessary at this scale, and several small areas of high incidence and susceptibility were slightly exaggerated.

Above image source:http://landslides.usgs.gov/html_files/landslides/nationalmap/national.html


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Future Environmental Hazards

Conclusions and Solutions

Hazard Map