Conclusions and Solutions

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    It is obvious that landslides have become a very serious problem, especially in Washington and other coastal regions of the United States, and although landslides can occur as a result of natural processes, many of these landslides can be avoided with proper planning and the implementation of different timber harvest techniques. Many communities that have come to depend upon timber harvesting as their primary economic function have begun to lobby for alternative methods in which the harvesting is carried out to not only insure future yields, but also to prevent more occurrences of environmental hazards in their areas. One main method that logging companies have begun to adopt is old growth selective felling, which allows most of old growth trees to remain. This method has proven to be very successful in preventing landslides yet has  also allowed timber companies to maintain production.             


What are landslides and how do they occur?

Clear cutting and Its Effects on Landslides

Future Environmental Hazards

Conclusions and Solutions

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