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 SCA Internship: Work Log

6/5/07: I was introduced to the Molalla Corridor, Table Rock Wilderness, Memaloose day area and Wildwood Recreational Area. During the introduction we picked up trash and destroyed illegal camp fire rings.

6/6/07: Today I worked in the Wildwood Recreational Area. I removed old grills and cemented in new grill posts.

6/8/07: Today I drove into the Molalla Corridor using the BLM truck. We cleaned up camp sites and removed old signs while putting up new ones.

6/9/07: Today I worked at Wildwood Recreational Area. I hiked up Boulder Ridge Trail and did trail maintenance. The trail maintenance included cutting fallen logs along the trail, brushing back vegitation, and removing rocks.

6/12/07: Today I was trained in first aid by the the head trainer from Salem headquarters.

6/13/07: Today we finished up the grills by installing the grill tops and welding them on. After thatwe dug holes and installed "Do Not Enter" signs in Wildwood.


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