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I was born in 1984 in Shell Lake, Wisconsin to David and Patrica Norman. Shortly after I was born my parents and I moved to Chicago where my parents are originally from. Six years after moving to Chicago my only brother, Shawn Norman was born. The year my brother was born my family moved back to Wisconsin. We moved to the small town of Haugen in Northern Wisconsin. After finishing elementary school in Haugen I went to middle school and high school in Rice Lake, about 6 miles south of Haugen. In high school I was very active in sports. After graduating from high school I enrolled at the University of Wisconsin- Barron County (UWBC), which is located in Rice Lake. While attending the UWBC I began working towards a degree in History. After graduating from UWBC in 2005 with an associates degree I took a semester off to work. In the spring of 2008 I enrolled into the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire (UWEC). After one semester I changed my major to Geography- Resource Management. While working towards degree in Resource Management I developed a love for the outdoors.