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My name is Jake McDonald, and I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. I am from the city of Wauwatosa which is located on the outskirts of Milwaukee in southeast Wisconsin.  I graduated from Wauwatosa East High School in 2003 and started attending UWEC that fall.  My first two years at the UWEC consisted mostly of American Indian Studies classes.  I picked up a major in American Indian Studies but I knew that I needed something more.  After taking a physical geography intro class and a few cartography classes I was hooked.  The past five semesters I have been studying both cartographic techniques, including computer mapping and remote sensing, GIS, and geomorphology.  This past year, 2007, I have gotten involved in quite a few research projects involving ground penetrating radar, GIS and archaeology.  Following graduation, I plan on finishing up my research projects and then hopefully going to grad school where I would like to study geoarchaeology and the use of geophysical techniques in surveying archaeological sites as well as geomorphic sites.

The rest of my website highlights the research projects that I am involved in as well as the work that I have done as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Please follow the links to the left and look at some of the work that I have done. If you would like to get a hold of me, my email address is mcdonajm@uwec.edu and my phone number is (715) 210-5407. I am available everyday 8-10 am, and after 3 pm.


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Jacob M. McDonald
phone: (715) 210-5407
email: mcdonajm@uwec.edu or jacob.m.mcdonald@gmail.com