Cadott- St. Rose Cemetery


In the mid 1950’s a young child died and was buried at St. Rose Cemetery near Cadott, Wisconsin. At the time the family could not afford a permanent inscribed headstone for the burial site. Over time a purchased statue became damaged and was removed from the site. Since the burial site was not marked or recorded on the sexton’s map, the location of the site became unknown. In 2004, a member of the family contacted Dr. Harry Jol with hopes that the grave might be located using ground penetrating radar (GPR).

Within St. Rose Cemetery there is an area called the ‘baby lot’ where many young children are buried. Previous attempts were made to obtain a sexton’s map, but the records were not up-to-date to include the burial site of interest. Upon arrival at St. Rose Cemetery we were directed to an area in the ‘baby lot’ where the family thought the baby was most likely buried. After our initial GPR investigation, a sexton’s map was acquired and it indicated that 25 known graves were located in the ‘baby lot’ (each burial plot being 30 cm by 60 cm) but presently only 14 headstones are visible.

St. Rose Cemetery and the baby lot

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