Academic Affairs Professional Development Grant - Guest Speaker Program
Academic Projects Fund (3)

Amoco Ltd. - Seismic - GPR comparison project/statics
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (x2)

Ayres and Associates – GPR Testing of Wastewater Site
Carnaghan Limited - Placer Exploration
Cominco Exploration - Shallow Seismic Exploration
Eagle Resources - Platform Assessment
Exxon Production Research - GPR - Processing - Utah
Exxon Production Research - GPR presentation
Exxon Production Research - Oil and Gas Reservoir Modeling - Utah
Faculty/Student Collaboration Grant University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (x16)
Fort McCoy - Native Burial Mound Investigations (x2)
Foundation Stone – Yavne, Israel (x3)
Foundex Geophysics - Shallow Seismic Exploration
Frontier Geophysics - GPR - Environmental Testing
Geographix Software Grant (x2)
Geological Survey of Canada - Brookswood Aquifer Characterization (x2)
Geophysicon - GPR Training
John F. Merrill, Jr. Multi-Site Archaeological Project Israel 2002 Season
John F. Merrill, Jr. Multi-Site Archaeological Project Israel 2001 Season
John F. Merrill, Jr. Expedition to the Cave of Letters 200
0 Season
Killam Scholarship Research Allowance
Komex, International - Environmental Spill

Laboratory Renewal Funding, University of Wisconsin - System
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Mitchum Law Firm (x2)
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC - D.G. Smith)
North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation (with K. Havholm, UWEC)
Northern Science Training Program (3 years)
Petrel-Robertson Research - GPR Applications
Sea Grant – Oregon Dune Aquitard Study
Sea Grant – Oregon Paleo-Dune Study (x2)
Sea Grant, University of Toledo, OH (T. Fisher)
Small Research Grant - UW-Eau Claire - Equipment Rental - Israel
Small Research Grant (UWEC)
Student Travel for Presentation (UWEC)
Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (UWEC) (x10)
Surface Search - Environmental and Training
United States Department of Agriculture (Minnesota)
United States Fish and Wildlife
United States Geological Survey – Coastal Erosion Study
United States Geological Survey (Michigan) (x3)
United States Geological Survey (USGS - W. Loope) (x2)
University College of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, Canada – Dune Study

University of Calgary Post-Doctoral Fellowship Research Grant
University of Calgary Thesis Research Grant
University of Hartford - Israel (x4)
University of Illinois (Geosciences) - Fluvial
University of Manitoba - GPR - Flood Deposits
University of Nebraska - Omaha, Bethsaida, Israel (x2)
University of Nebraska - Omaha, Cave of Letters Expedition, Israel
University of Northern British Columbia - Fluvial/Salmon Habitat
University of South Florida (Marine Science) - GPR - Deltaic Study
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Arts and Science - Dean's Office - Computer for 3D Visualization
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Office of University Research - Computer for 3D Visualization
University Research and Creative Activity Grant - UW- Eau Claire (x9)
US Geological Survey - National Coastal Program (with C. Peterson/PSU) (x4)
UWEC Sabbatical
Washington Department of Ecology (Shorelands) - High Resolution - GPR
Winner - Funding for Notebook PC’s in Capstone Courses (UWEC)