UWEC Western Nevada Field Studies

Day 4 of research trip


    On November 4, 1998 our Geography 491 group left Reno, Nevada and traveled along Highway 395 to Lee Vining, California.  On our way to Lee Vining we stopped in the Walker River Valley to see the destruction of the river and the landscape.   This damage was caused when California diverted the Walker River to aid their growing demand for water.  We continued on to Lee Vining where Mono Lake is located.  Here we examined tufa formations, wildlife, the water of the lake, and the volcanic history of the lake.   We traveled just north of the lake to Panum Crater.  Here we looked at how the volcano erupted and the formation of the crater.  After we left the crater we drove along June Lake Loop.  This loop travels around June Lake and follows the path that glaciers took to carve out the area.  Our final destination of the day was Hot Springs Geological Site.  Here we witnessed hot magma heating the water of Hot Springs Creek and steam rising from crevices in the area surrounding the creek. 

    The map below shows our route for the day.  We took Highway 395 south from Reno, Nevada through Walker Valley, and into Lee Vining, California.  Once we left the Panum Crater we followed highway 120 southwest on the June Lake Loop.  We finished the loop and got back onto Highway 395 where we proceded to the Hot Springs Geological Site.  If you follow the bold black line south you can trace our route.


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Walker Valley           Mono Lake        Panum Crater           June Lake         Hot Springs Creek


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Modified by: Scott Nelson and Nichole Kloehn, February '99