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Coastal dune building episodes are a very important timescale indicator of seismic activity on the south island of New Zealand.  All factors considered the timeline of the events that lead to the formation of the dunes can be looked at with a very good amount of accuracy. Looking at the ages of trees on the younger dunes can act as a good age measurement, but when looking at the older dunes the trees are all usually very similar in age.  The size and biodiversity of the marshes that grow in between the dunes also are a definitive way of determining the age of the dunes.  The marshes take into consideration two factors, the size and biodiversity and act as the only form of comparative age measurement between multiple dunes and not just a single dune event.  The multiple different ways of determining age all can be utilized together to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy of the timeline.  Coastal dune systems will continue to build at later dates when there are more earthquake events high enough magnitudes to cause sediment to be loosened and dumped into the rivers in the region.