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Much of the aeolian data of the area has been collected over a 10 month period spanning from April 2000 to February 2001, using Frisbee traps (Marx and McGowan, 2003) (Figure 2) All of these traps were located on the western side of the Southern Alps and were used to measure the amount of small sediment particles that become entrained in the air.
The traps were located in a variety of areas, in high areas on the foothills, which function as a similar barrier to the dunes in Haast, as well as in open areas such as at the Westport Airport near Hokitika.   They were placed in a manner to be near different features such as; coastline where the entrainment of sediment is lower due to the moist ocean air.  They were also placed on the land edge of sandy beaches where the entrainment is going to be higher but the moist ocean air will still affect it negatively.  The trap placed at the Westport Airport was placed in a grassy terrace so that if there is going to be a large amount of dust deposited in the trap it would indicate that the sediment was entrained at a good distance away before being deposited in and around the Frisbee trap (Marx and McGowan, 2003).  The studies in the area show the power of the wind in this area of the island, the traps that are in very moist areas still would collect large amounts of what were once entrained particles.