New Zealand Capstone 2008
Day 1


On March 6, 2008, Eight University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students and Dr. Harry Jol began the journey to Christchurch on the South Island in New Zealand.  This trip was part of a capstone field studies experience in Geography.   The journey to New Zealand was long, traveling over 8,500 miles and through 4 airports to get to our final destination.  We landed in Christchurch on the morning of March 8, we never saw March 7! 

Before the journey to New Zealand, it took a couple of months of planning and preparing.  It included planning the trip and learning about the culture, history, and the physical landscape of New Zealand.  The main purpose of the trip to New Zealand was to conduct research on the South Brighton Spit and to then travel through the South Island to understand the landscape and processes in which we had been studying over the first couple of months.  Upon returning to Wisconsin, debriefing and projects were completed.

Let’s take a look at what went on down in Kiwiland…

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