Geography 368:
Desert Southwest

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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Field Seminar: October 12-22, 2012

Each semester here at The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire students in the Geography and Anthropology department have the opportunity to take a Field Seminar Course where the class visits a different region of the world. Unlike most classes, the students have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and in the field. This semester, ten students and two faculty members embarked on an adventure to the Desert Southwest region of the United States. Our intent was to view the landscape from a geographic perspective and explore new surroundings. The class decided where to go and what to see, which included roughly 2,000 miles or 3218.69 kilometers and four National Parks.

The class prepared for the trip and field work during the first half of the semester by reading, discussing, and researching. Major components of the course were individual research papers related to the southwest and original research in the field at Fort Ord State Park. This field seminar, partially funded by the Blugold Commitment, was an experience that few undergraduates receive. This website was designed to take you on our academic adventure. We hope you enjoy following our footsteps through the desert southwest and we encourage you to take a look at our final research products!

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