Crystal Cave

Group 1

The Geography 360 class from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire took a one day field studies trip to Crystal Cave.  The class was broken up into five groups, each groups explaining different aspects of the cave they thought were important. 

Crystal Cave was discovered in 1881 by two teenage brothers in the town of Spring Valley, Wisconsin.  Spring Valley is located in the middle western part of the state, about 50 miles west of Eau Claire.  One of the brothers was hiking through the woods near his house one day and stumbled across an entrance to the cave.  The next day the two brothers went back to the cave entrance and one lowered the other into the cave.  The two brothers only explored the first two caverns of what has come to be known as Crystal Cave.  In 1941, exploration of the lower caverns began and eventually lead to Crystal Cave reaching a depth of 70 feet below the earth's surface. 

Group 2
Group 3
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