Enframed Block

2-3 stories

This Enframed block style is distinctive for its columns,  pilasters, and arcades -- similar to the Temple Front Style. The main section is bracketed by much narrower end bays, more or less equal in height .  This style was used extensively through the 1920s, especially for public and institutional buildings.
Most Enframed Block structures have these features:
  • 2-3 stories

  • column, pilasters, and arcades.

  • main section is bracketed by narrower end bays, more of less of equal height.


 1850  1860  1870  1880  1890  1900  1910  1920  1930  1940  1950


Enframed Block

public and institutional buildings

Created by Jaime Blechschmidt 9 June, 1997