1880s - 1940s

Temple Front

2-3 stories

Greek and Roman temples inspired this style, which first appeared in the U.S. during the Greek Revival movement from 1820-1830s. These buildings were used for public, institutional, and religious purposes. Two versions of this type are common to banks:
) a portico of four or more columns extending across the facade, called prostyle.
) a recessed entrance fronted by twin columns set between sections of enframed walls that look like thick piers. From 1900-1930s this style was almost exclusively used for banks. Temple Front facades are more commonly called Greek Revival. Most Temple Front structures have these features:


 1850  1860  1870  1880  1890  1900  1910  1920  1930  1940  1950



Governmental and
religious buildings; banks (Winona)

Created by Heather Slick. June 6, 1997.