1850s - 1940s

Enframed Window Wall

1-3 stories

This type is visually unified by enframing the large center section of buildings with a wide and often continuous border. One-story enframed window walls from the early 20th century have large glazed areas for display of merchandise. When banks use this style, the openness is absent. Unlike the two-part commercial block, little or no separation exists between the retail floor at the street level and the upper floors housing offices or storage rooms.
Most Enframed Window Wall structures have these features:                  
  • 1-3 stories

  • one story enframed windows

  • little or no separation between retail and upper levels

  • wide continuous border around center section


 1850  1860  1870  1880  1890  1900  1910  1920  1930  1940  1950



Retail stores
in small towns.

Created by Heather Slick. June 6, 1997.