Tudor Revival

2 stories
Tudor Revival is also called Elizabethan and Half-Timbered.  Whatever these houses are called they are another example of the Revival styles which were popular in the early 20th century.  Half-timbering was characteristic of Medieval buildings when the beams held the buildings up and the spaces between them were filled with plaster.  But in the U.S. half-timbering is only a decorative covering of frame construction.  Yet these were usually very expensive houses with their massive sculptured chimneys, reddish bricks, and stucco, complicated peaked roofs, and small leaded glass windows.  

A very good example of a Tudor Revival is located on Marston Avenue.
What is architecturally distinctive about this house?

Most Tudor Revival houses have these features:
2 stories
complicated peaked roofs
massive sculptured chimneys
reddish bricks and stucco
small leaded glass windows
Suburban versions of this style re-emerged in the 1980s and beyond, what we call Suburban Tudor.

Created by Brandy Reilly, 6 June 1997