late 1950s-1960s

Split Level

1.5-2 stories
The Split Level style is a variation on California Ranch style houses. Instead of a one-story Ranch, these houses have a one-story section attached to a two-story section.  The double car garage is frequently built under the upper story bedrooms.  In another version the foundation and basement windows are raised above the ground to create a 1.5 story look.  A typical side view of a split level house is shown in the diagram. 

 By the 1980s, split-levels of various forms were very common.

Most Split Level houses have these features:
1 story house with an upper story over the garage
double garages build into the house
low pitched or hipped roof

Created by Brandy Reilly, 6 June 1997; last revised on 5 June 5 2002.