Second Empire

2 stories
The Second Empire style is an example of a roof style which identifies a house type!  Mansard roofs  increase the head room in the attic space; hence providing an additional story. Dormers in the mansard roofs provide light and even more space on the upper floors.  

The style reflects the picturesqueness and asymmetry characteristic of other late 19th century styles, such as the Gothic Revival and Italianate. 

This style was borrowed from France, where Napoleon III (1852-1870) undertook a major building campaign that transformed Paris into a city of grand boulevards, monumental public buildings, and residential districts with the distinctive mansard roofs.

Most Second Empire houses have these features:
2 stories
tall, symmetrical house
mansard roofs
often has a tower
arched openings
bracketed eaves
The roof style continued to be popular, especially for apartments and offices, as illustrated by this 1960s apartment.
mansard suburban.jpg (48856 bytes)

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