1890 - 1930

New England Colonial

2 - 2.5 stories

The New England Colonial style simplified the picturesque Queen Anne and so appeared after the Queen Anne fell out of fashion. The New England Colonial was one of many revival styles which became popular by the early 20th century.

Another name for this style is the four-over-four because of its basic rectangular floor plan of four rooms on the lower and upper levels. 

new colonial brick-3rd ward.jpg (58593 bytes)Since this house has remained popular over the decades, its date of construction can only be determined by minor details in the building materials, such as 1920s-1930s reddish brick on the foundations,  driveways with two cement lanes separated by grass, and the width and height of garages. 

All New England Colonial style houses have these features:
2 - 2.5 stories
symmetrical placement of windows and doors
classical details:  columns, cornices, shuttered windows
simple, rectangular shape

New England Colonial style houses continue to be popular and are found throughout
the suburbs of the 1980s and beyond. We call them Suburban New England Colonial.


Created by Jason Dettman on 6 June 1997; last revised on 06 June 2008.