Neo-Eclectic Styles

1-2 Stories
2002brookside dev sign.jpg (24743 bytes)In the 1980s, developers and home owners were looking for house styles that were different from the plain, straight forward, single-story ranch styles. Many earlier styles were adapted and are collectively called Neo-eclectic styles. In response to the high cost of energy during the mid-1970s energy crisis, two-stories houses were built to save on heating costs (because hot air rises and hence, upstairs are less expensive to heat than downstairs). Although multiple-story houses continue to be built, they seem to reflect taste more than efficiency. These "tall" houses have huge "empty" roofs, often "fake" dormers, and high and/or faulted ceiling living, kitchen, and even master bedrooms.
Here is a sample of house and apartment styles from the 1980s and 1990s:

1990s style 2.JPG (31554 bytes)

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1980s apartments$ backside.jpg (50326 bytes)
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Here is a sample of house styles from the 2002 Parade of Homes in Eau Claire:
2002arts&craft.jpg (48148 bytes) 2002arts&craft-closeup.jpg (55105 bytes)

2002arts&craft-interior.jpg (36942 bytes)

2002arts&craft-interior2.jpg (40458 bytes)

2002arts&craft-rustic.jpg (28836 bytes)
pseudo-log cabin

2002logcabin.jpg (40630 bytes)

2002logcabin interior.jpg (33136 bytes)

2002logcabin-interior.jpg (72759 bytes) 2002logcabin-interior2.jpg (43167 bytes)

2002ranch.jpg (23303 bytes)
"garage-plus-house" style

2002capecode porch.jpg (43349 bytes) 2002capecode interior.jpg (57272 bytes) 2002fieldstones.jpg (43575 bytes) 2002-2storyranch.jpg (39905 bytes)

2002garageplushouse.jpg (28449 bytes)
"garage-plus-house" style 
The dormer is fake
in this one-story house!

Common characteristics in 2002: 
high  roofs with complex angles and shapes (cost 50% more than low-pitched roofs)
multi stories two or three garages; away from street for expensive houses
dark earthy colors in paints and stains rustic look, particularly inside
vaulted and high ceilings (9 feet) open floor plan: kitchen, dining, and family areas together
Arts & Crafts exterior (brackets under the eaves, field stones, stucco) and interior (natural wood beams, paneling, rustic elements)
Log cabin style (exterior and interior) reflecting the rustic theme (cost 10-15 percent more)
19th century features: high ceilings, porches, steep gables, especially over windows

Created by Ingolf Vogeler on 25 June 2002.