Neo-Dutch Colonial

1.5 Stories

The roof shape identifies this house style!  These houses have symmetrical windows and floor plans.  Neo-Dutch Colonials are more distinctive in appearance than Cubic (1900s-1920s) and Cape Cod (1940s-1950s) styles.

Articles on the Neo-Dutch Colonial style appeared in academic and popular magazines from 1905 to 1935, which generally reflects the period of its popularity. What is architecturally distinctive about these house?

neo-dutch stucco-3rd ward.jpg (40652 bytes)
stucco version,
Third Ward

neo-dutch-3rd ward.jpg (45282 bytes)
brick version, front door is out of view,
Third Ward

neo dutch suburban 1960s.jpg (34393 bytes)
suburban 1964 version,
Third Ward

wooden clapboard version,
Third Ward

Most Neo-Dutch Colonial houses have these features:
gambrel roofs
flaring eaves
single or shed dormers
central doorways

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