2 -3 stories

This one-room deep,  two-room wide,  and two story structure looks like a capital "I" and is found in large numbers in Illinois,  Indiana,  and Iowa.  
The I houses are very common in working class neighborhoods and on farms in the Midwest.

These very skinny,  tall houses almost always lack decorative details.  Dating these houses within a couple of decades is difficult because so few clues exist.  
Most were built in the late 19th century, which is indicated by scroll work on porches,  tall vertical windows,  and narrow clapboard.  
I-style houses are very Midwestern,  especially in Indiana,  Illinois,  and Iowa. Two I-styles put together make an Upright-and-Wing, as in the example below.

Most I-style houses have these features:

Created by Jake Schlueter, June 10th,1997; last revised on 27 September 2005.