French Normandy

2 stories
This house style originated in Normandy of France where houses and barns were attached. The central turret was used for the storage of grain or silage.  

But in the U.S., the French Normandy was an expensive Revival Style, characterized by cutstone, elaborate roof lines, and in this case, a two-car built-in garage! 

 french normandy$.jpg (35674 bytes) Take a closer look, for more evidence of wealth today.

Most French Normandy houses have these features:
2 or more stories
exterior wall of reddish bricks, cutstone, and/or stucco
central turret with entrance and staircase
massive chimneys
steep, complicated roofs
sometimes, even with half-timber decorations

Created by Jason Coleman, 10 June 1997; last revised 5 June 2002.