Elizabethan, Tudor, Half-Timbered

2 stories

This is another of the many Revival Style houses of the early 20th century. Half-timbering was characteristic of  buildings in Medieval Europe (5th -14th centuries) when beams held up buildings and the spaces between the beams were filled with sticks and plaster or bricks.  

In the U.S. however, half-timbering is only a decorative --albeit distinctive--  covering of frame construction. Yet these were usually very expensive house with massive sculptured chimneys with chimney pots, reddish bricks and stucco, complicated peaked roofs, and small leaded glass windows.

tudor revival-3rd ward.jpg (60380 bytes)
turned-to-the-side version,
Third Ward

tudor revival$.jpg (62180 bytes)
massive version,
Third Ward

tudor revival2 -3rd ward.jpg (67336 bytes)
brick & stucco,
Third Ward

tudor revival middle$.jpg (48891 bytes)
only a touch of Tudor,
Third Ward

tudor revival simple-3rd.jpg (37015 bytes)
simple version
Third Ward

tudor suburban.JPG (13224 bytes)
2-story suburban Ranch version,
Putnam Heights

Most Elizabethan, Half-Timbered, or Tudor Revival houses have these features:
2-2.5 stories
steep gabled roofs
half-timbering and stucco
small leaded glass windows

Created by Jason Coleman, 9 June 1997; last revised 5 June 2002.