2 stories

This is a smaller and simpler variation of the New England Four-over-Four, or New England Colonial Revival. The distinctive feature of this style is its squarish floor plan and cubic volume.

Typical of the early 20th century, this style is very plain and has only simple front porches, if any. The elaborate features of the Victorian era of the late 19th century are gone

cubic2-3rd ward.jpg (45779 bytes)
full porch version,
Third Ward
cubic-3rd ward.jpg (42673 bytes)
full porch version, 
Third Ward
cubic -moon estate.jpg (44207 bytes)
large, brick version, 
Third Ward

cubic.jpg (57892 bytes)
narrow siding, 

Third Ward

cubic stucco-3rd ward.jpg (32607 bytes)
stucco version,
Third Ward

Most Cubic houses have these features:
2 stories without or with dormers on the next story
a small, front porch only
pyramidal roof
center chimney for a furnace in the basement or an end chimney for a fireplace

Created by Jason Coleman on 9 June 1997; last revised on 5 June 2002.