Cape Cod

1.5 stories
Cape Cod houses were a very popular house style for young families, especially after World War II. Indeed, they were frequently called GI (government issue) houses, because after World War II the federal government provided low interest rates and guaranteed mortgages to returning soldiers for the purchase of houses.

The earliest post-WWII suburbs are filled with Cape Cod houses. The largest concentration of these houses in Eau Claire are in Putnam Heights. But they are found in older neighborhoods as "fill-ins" or were even built before WWII.

Cape Cod style houses re-appeared in the later suburbs of the 1980s and beyond, which we call Suburban Cape Cod.

cape code brick.jpg (53105 bytes)
 1920s brick version, 
Third Ward
cape code brick-3rd ward.jpg (33414 bytes)
 1920s brick version,
Third Ward
cape code stucco.jpg (37337 bytes)
 stucco version, 
Third Ward
cape code simple.JPG (28766 bytes)
classic form 
with two dormers, 

Eastside Hill

Most Cape Cod houses have these features:
1.5 stories
small, rectangular volumes
gable roofs
often several small dormers
wide wooden clapboard, often later cover by aluminum siding
garages are detached or attached to the houses

Created by Ingolf Vogeler on 15 June 1996; last revised on 5 June 2002.