California Ranch

1 story
These long rectangular-shaped, single-story or split-level houses predominate in the suburbs of the late 1950s and 1960s. They have very low pitched or hipped roofs, which cover one- or two-car attached garages.  The ridge poles of these houses are parallel to the streets, and hence these houses requiring large, expensive lots. This style comes in simple, inexpensive and expensive forms, depending on the materials used, as the photos show:
ranchcutstone-3rd ward.jpg (37594 bytes)
cutstone & cedar shake roof, Third Ward
ranch brick-3rd ward.jpg (23212 bytes)
narrow red bricks, 
Third Ward


ranch-3rd ward .jpg (19469 bytes)
large rectangular picture window, Third Ward


ranch 1950s colors.jpg (38287 bytes)
pink and/or turquoise colored siding or trim is typical of the 1950s,
Third Ward

Most California Ranch houses have these features: 1 story
long, rectangular volumes
hipped roofs
ridge pole parallel to the street

ranch stone roof 1960s.jpg (33955 bytes)
 low horizontal appearance, Third Ward
ranch stone roof2.jpg (45283 bytes)
almost flat roof, Third Ward
2 story ranch putnam heights.JPG (38062 bytes)
1.5-story ranch with Greek Revival styling, Putnam Heights
Examine other versions of the Ranch style:
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